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A buyer implied that my gigs are not mine?

I’ll cut this short, basically a buyer (top buyer by the way, years on Fiverr and some reviews) asked me to do some samples for an idea for him. I did the very basic, but everything he asked, which I know it’s normally not quite clever, but I did them in like, five minutes if all that, so even if he tries to use somewhere somehow its just so generic that’s no really harm done.

However, when he liked my ideas and I asked if he wanted to finally make an order, he just came with something like: “What were you think? I saw your work, what you sent doesn’t look the same as what you posted.”

And I’m like, of course it’s not! Did he really think I’d do a full detailed drawing as a sample?! It’s an idea of what I can do, everything on my Fiverr page I did it.

I asked him what he meant, maybe he has another awnser for it and I’ll wait, but this made frustated, offended even in a way. I’m really curious what he’ll awnser.

I’m posting this because I want to know if other members have been accused of posting third party images for their gigs, even though they were theirs., and how you dealt with this, because even if he asks for an order now, I’m not sure I’ll accept it.


I would stop handing out free “samples” of your work - I notice you talk about giving someone else a free sample and then they ghosted you and appeared to order from another seller. Even if these “samples” are easy and take all of 5 minutes - that is time you are not being paid for, and as you have seen with the above, those who receive free stuff do not tend to appreciate the effort you put forth, even though it was not a full on rendering of what they would get. If people want to see what you can do for them, they can look at your finished work in your portfolio OR you can charge $5 for a “sample” rough drawing.



Yeah, I was thinking that…
It’s just that here where I live (at least around the artists I know), it’s not uncommon for us to do these very basic and quick samples, a way to get a potencial customers attention you know, since it’s hard enough for them to even look at our work, but I forget that in other places it’s different.

Learning the hard way I guess… Thank you!

I just wish I didn’t feel so offended out of this whole situation :sweat:

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You have a right to feel offended. I would imagine it is tough being an artist, because your art may not always be what someone wants - and you know, artists are sensitive types. LOL

I would build up a portfolio here to direct people to and you would have to do a search of the forums or ask, but I remember some other artists may have been able to share other platforms where they have samples of their work. I would research that first though before putting any links in your profile - or ask Customer Service if you can send potential buyers to see your work offsite.


That we mostly are :laughing:

I do have some good work on my Fiverr page, but these people that asks for samples usually want something more specific, like if I understand their idea before ordering, which I understand their point.

Some were really nice buyers in the end, others…

Regardless, after these two recent situations, I don’t think I’ll do these samples anymore, should have learned the first time it happened.
I just hope other artists don’t fall in the same trap I did.

I would just put maybe a Gig that is $5 (since it takes 5 min) that will give a rough sample to the buyer. You should always be paid for your time. That is an asset you can never get back.



That’s, actually a good idea, thank you!
I already have a sketch like gig, but I can update the info so I can use in these types of situations.

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Yet another reason to stop doing work for free.

Doing custom work to show a buyer is not a sample. A sample is a pre-made work that you can send to anyone. It is NOT custom work and anyone who expects you to create a demo before for an extremely low paying job without having hired you first is NOT going to be a good buyer.

Stop doing free custom examples.


Well, there’s your problem.

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Thank you for the replys, but I finally learned my lesson, I won’t do this type of thing anymore or I’ll charge a small fee for it

Ironically, I was the one the misunderstood his words (better, the way he putted his words), he opened an order with me without trouble after it

But it was a good lesson for me regardless, things could have gone worse

I can actually understand you. I create websites and a part of this job is also to provide sometimes Demo after an evaluation. It is basically Wasted Time but in this way I have turned many potential clients into Real Clients.
Of course often it is really frustrating when some people will continue to ask you hundred questions, will ask for Demo etc and then they won’t turn back.

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I think it’s the “Remote Control” move. Meaning the buyer is trying to control you by saying something ridiculous so you will cave in and send what he/ she wants. So you counter with the “Take Away” move. Say, “my paying buyers know my work.” Then block the potential buyer. Plus, who cares if they are a Top Buyer. Just because they have money to spend doesn’t mean they know how to treat people. Just saying.


just say no. almost every person that asked for free samples and I told them I can’t possibly do that without completing the order first (I make web scrapers) and that they can just cancel the order and get their money back if they aren’t satisfied with the final result understood and made an order