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A buyer is asking me to do a bootcamp project for him. Is it academic?

A buyer is asking me to do a Bootcamp project for him. Should I sell to my service?


Does it break the ToS? It might not be spelled out, but it probably counts. Is it ethically wrong? YES.

He said its hackathon. And not academic!

A hackathon, hmmm. What are the rules of the project? If the point of the thing is basically trying to find workarounds that potential hackers/cheaters might use, then hiring an outsider might be within the bounds. The whole point of checking security is finding the weak spots and bypass methods, so in this very specific case I could see this being useful data.

It sounds like you’ve already decided to take on the work, so just be careful.

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The terminology can be a bit confusing. A hackathon isn’t related to ‘hacking’ in the ‘breaking through security’ sense.

A hackathon is when developers (and others), typically in tech companies, work collaboratively during a short sprint to create (hack) a feature / product together quickly that has not been planned by the company. It’s supposed to drive creativity and foster out the box thinking within the team, allowing the team to build whatever they want / can dream of (within certain parameters).

Therefore I believe it is fine to do this gig. Companies hire developers for hackathons. This person is hiring you for this hackathon. Unless, like @imagination7413 stated, the rules of the hackathon / bootcamp mean they should not ask someone like you for help.


Thank you for the clearity!

Make sure you charge well. A hackathon is a complicated and busy event. It also generates success for the people who run them.

You deserve to benefit from that.