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A buyer is continuously texting me with different names from different accounts!


I’ve been facing a problem constantly for a few months. A buyer constantly messages me, and he sends me a WhatsApp number via Fiverr Inbox, and I blocked the buyer four months ago. Then two months later, the buyer opened a new account with a new user name and messaged me the same WhatsApp number with an image file.

Yesterday night, A buyer messaged me with “HELLO,” and I told him, “HOW CAN I HELP YOU,” and then he sends me the same Whatsapp number I have received before then I blocked the user and state as spam.

I know the rules of Fiverr, and I am always trying to follow every rule. I contacted the CS team. I hope they will handle the problem :innocent:


I hate to say it but why did you give your mobile number out? I always keep all communication strictly on Fiverr and this is why.

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I never disclose my details to anyone. The buyer sends his details to me with a message “Contact me to this N u m b e r”

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Oh I see - he’s trying to take the work outside of Fiverr. Not worth the risk. I’d keep reporting to fiverr.

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I don’t know why the buyer wants me to work outside of Fiverr! The Buyer has opened a new account three times to send me this message :joy: :crazy_face:

That’s annoying!


WOW…, this sound creepy :frowning:
For this kind of spam…, never reply to his message once…,
Just block this spammer everytime he/she contact you…,
Hopefully this spammer got bored sooner


Good decision Dear :innocent:

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I hope the spammer will get bored soon and stop texting me. Because when he/she texted last month. I think I was asleep and It had an effect on my response time.

How can I know the buyer is spammer or not?

At first is hard to know if a buyer is a spammer but from his/her conversation you would know but just be carefully with what you do with those kind of buyers.

You took the necessary steps to block and report him/she to fiverr…

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The only solution for this is, Tell the Customer that we are not allowed to communicate outside Fiverr. Convince the Buyer!

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I blocked 8-9 buyers because he/she wants me to work outside of Fiverr. I know the strict rules of Fiverr. I don’t want to ruin the work environment.

Thanks for your advice.

I have told many customers that we are not allowed to work outside of Fiverr.