A buyer is harassing me even after delivery


Hi, I always guarantee top class work in my gig and put lot of effort. This one buyer asked for a certain review which I did diligently but now is rejecting my work saying it’s plagiarized and she wants a better article. I am all for editing and improving (Heck, I even offer free unlimited editing). But I am being harassed with threats that I’ll be reported to Fiverr for plagiarism.

I can swear that I haven’t copied a single line. Should I be worried?

bachas85 said: That kind of behavior is unacceptable.

Yes, I agree with Bachas. I would even go so far as to make the buyer prove it. Show the proof! Challenge the buyer and ask him/her where the exact text that you supposedly plagiarized was spotted. In other words, make the buyer do the work and if you really wrote something original, the buyer will stop harassing you ;)




drop me a message through the fiverr messaging system with the review attached. I’ll run it through copyscape for you. You will then be able to see whether she/he has a leg to stand on :slight_smile:



Passed by there my fellow gigger. After I delivered he even asked me to cancel the order so he could get a refund. I refused. He treated me saying he will put a bad review. I told him that I will report this situation to the customer service. I did and now I am done with him! Customer service will care and help you, they are against such behavior.



you must stand for your right. some buyers are free riders.


Thanks everyone. I didn’t know this was a big issue on Fiverr. I am only 3 weeks old on this website. I am trying to rewrite it once for her. But she doesn’t relent, I’ll report it to Customer Care


I responded to your message with what doesn’t pass copyscape (around 12% of it) some are direct paragraph copies. It will take a lot of editing to bring it up to scratch. I do suggest you grab yourself a copyscape account to prevent this in the future. Trust me, that account will quickly become your best friend.