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A buyer is Threatening me

I have a big inquiry. One of the buyers is treating me by ordering some of my gigs. I have mentioned on my gigs to message me before ordering to check the availability.
This buyer has messaged me before and I have told him that I’m busy with some other orders and unable to do his work and I said that it will cost extra money if he needs urgent work as I need to postpone the other orders in the queue.
I have clearly told him not to order. But he told that he is ordering the gig for sake of putting a negative review for me.

His first message and others were related to the redesign of his websites. But he has ordered my landing page gig which is totally not related. Even you can understand that he wants to take a revenge on me because I told that I’m not available.
I have used any abusive language or haven’t done anything wrong for him to treat me like in that way. I have explained him everything from the beginning and asked for his budget several times.
I’m cannot do his order and even if I do, he will be definitely putting me a bad review as he has stated in his last message. He has told that he is not accepting the cancellation in order to put me a bad review.

WHAT SHOULD I DO? I have already contacted fiverr customer support.



Offer a mutual cancellation.

When he declines, contact customer support.

Make sure you do it right away. If you offer mutual cancellation and he declines and cancels for late delivery, you won’t get your review removed.


Tell him you will report him to customer service, and if he still orders, report him.

Thanks. I have like 15 hours remaining.

If it’s not a serious order (and he is only ordering to leave a bad review and has said so), I think keep cancelling. Maybe click “report” on the message if it’s a threat (plus I assume it would be manipulation of the rating system - which like threats would be against the TOS).

But also, about the orders in the queue, you can also change the setting on “limit orders in the queue” for a particular gig or gigs. Or you could pause a gig if you are not able to take any more orders on it.

I have already told him. But he orders random gigs that is irrelevant.

I can take orders, but he is just ordering. He won’t give any relevant info for me to work. He just uploads a random picture into gig requirements.

Click the “report” button. This buyer deserves an account warning at the very least.

He’s probably angry about something, maybe he doesn’t take rejection well. I remember I once made a customer angry and he kept demanding revisions, then he wouldn’t accept a refund and I had to contact CS.

I’ve learned from that experience. If I get a message and I can’t do the project, I use Fiverr’s standard rejection wording:

Hi whoever,

Thanks for contacting me. Unfortunately, your request doesn’t align with the service that I offer.

That usually works. Sometimes I share the links of my competitors. I wish my competitors did that for me as well, but that’s OK, I believe it builds good karma either way.

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Yes. Thanks a lot for the idea.

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I also had such a customer, I sent a request to cancel each other about more than 20 times and finally I used the solution to contact customer support :slight_smile:

When you face this type of problem you contact with customer support and they help you.Thanks

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