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A buyer just played with my Intellegience

So I did a couple descriptions for this buyer, he rated me. and everything was good. The normal 14 days passed and his funds were cleared. Just for me to check my mail today and saw that he went to cancel the order, and the funds deducted from my account. I went to check his profile only for a notification to pop up saying “the user account you are looking for is no longer available” I am not sad though. its just 30 bucks, i am just angry that it dropped my rating on orders completed. Its so sad too, that even after your funds are cleared they can actually be deducted…this means there is no guarantee you have any money on here, even after they have been cleared. I need a link to contact support about this. For the fact that he actually rated me is what is baffling. (Sorry if there are any typos). The most saddest of all is that, i went to buyer’s site and he is actually using the contents I gave him. Just wondering why he cancelled the gig


well, i would suggest you to go to the help option to contact customer support! i know money is not a big deal, it feels sad more, when it comes to ratings, and review thingS!~


refunds go to your fiverr wallet and not really back to the buyer.

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i am also wondering why his review was taken off. Now i dont have any proof of showing customer support that he actually posted a review and was okay with the work.

Thanks, but please can you enlighten me on this. because here is the mail I got from fiverr : Hi stephanie200,

A dispute was opened via PayPal for your order ( I HAVE REMOVED THE ORDER NUMBER based on forum policy) : A Custom Order. As a result, we have to cancel this order and ask that you discontinue your work.

If the dispute is resolved, the buyer will receive an offer to reorder your Gig.

The Fiverr Team

i think, if he posted a review, and delete it later, still fiverr will have the record i believe! and i agree with @miroslavglavic
refunds go to fiverr wallet, and the buyer need to use the money to buy something again in fiverr

I don’t really care where the money goes to. Its my money, I worked for it, It should be with me. It makes me feel I have just been robbed, this could have been a larger amount. Besides, since his account is not available anymore, i don’t think he is still on fiverr. or is there a way of the buyer to block me from seeing his profile or sending him a message?

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the mail you have attached, from my opinion, i dont think buyer did any tricks in that case! somehow buyer had issue with his paypal. and paypal stop the payment, and when fiverr got notified, they ask you to stop the work, and most probably fiverr blocked that buyers account!

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and fyi, if fiverr do block someones account, that order get cancel normally

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. Sorry to hear this but it’s more common than we’d like to admit

What it sounds like was the buyer did a PayPal chargeback. He gets the work and the money back, and Fiverr bans his account (although there have been cases where the buyer has been able to start working on Fiverr again after this). Unfortunately, in many cases, there’s not much a seller can do - other Fiverr sellers may be able to tell you otherwise.

You can send a cease and desist to his website admin for the work that wasn’t paid for. And then, have your own website where you can upload the work.

Good luck.

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Paypal chargebacks have been a well-known issue among sellers for many years - all you can do is contact Customer Support and hope for the best.

The fact that they haven’t yet fixed the issue after all this time means that either it is too hard to fix, or they don’t really care, since the probability of getting sued over it is really small and it doesn’t happen that often.

Here are a few examples after a quick search of the forums:

Best of luck to you.


This exactly what i felt he did, but what is a cease and desist, His website is an eCommerce website.

Thanks very much. Those are some helpful tips but its just for consumption,

Sometimes, I begin to wonder…What if I had already withdrawn this money and maybe moved away from fiverr???

Is it wise for me to contact buyer through his website using their contact form? Someone advised me to report the website as a scam. But I dont feel comfortable with that. I just want to know why this happened.

  1. you can not contact another buyer/seller or even Klingons outside Fiverr.
  2. How is his website a scam?

Okay… for the first answer
As for your second question. Like i said before, i am not comfortable with that idea as it was a suggestion from a friend at the office, and because I do not also have a tangible proof of who is running the website. Secondly, he is using my work on his website and he also has the money. Isn’t that illegal?

I am very sorry to hear about this. It is extremely frightening as I read on another post that this will happen to almost all sellers at some point or the other. I hope this will be fixed soon and you will get some redress.

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It’s nothing they can fix. I explained the reason for that in a couple of the other topics.

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I disagree with that. At least based on what is publicly known about Paypal disputes and claims, Fiverr, as a major account AND escrow agent, could strike a deal with Paypal in regards to dispute & claim resolution, just as they already have regarding other issues.

Even if they couldn’t do that, Fiverr automatically accepts all disputes, while Paypal doesn’t demand that at all. Just like any regular seller, they could oppose disputes, let them escalate into a claim, and then prove that the service was fulfilled on a case-by-case basis - they have the records, personnel and structure to do that, since they are already doing it in-company.

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