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A buyer just sent me a contract that I don't agree with

So basically a buyer just created an order and sent me a “Work for hire” agreement that I don’t plan on signing because it has some things that I don’t agree with. I’m afraid that if I refuse to sign it he will cancel or leave a bad rating, what shall I do? I can’t even sign a contract cause I’m underage

Tell them that this isn’t how Fiverr works and ask them to provide their order details, You have no way of verifying who wants you to sign a contract, nor does this person have any way of verifying your identity.

Honestly, though, your best bet is to cancel this order and report the buyer to CS. The second something like this happens, you just know things aren’t going to en well.


I see, thanks! I I just asked for the order to be cancelled and reported the user


I think Cy is right. Also you should notify customer support and tell them he is asking you to sign a contract after placing the order so they can cancel it. Hopefully it MIGHT not affect your statistics that way.

You will need to stall him, ask him to wait while you check with customer support about the contract.

That’s so strange. I just wonder how much it was for, the order.

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How can I ask customer support? I have one day delivery so I’m afraid I won’t make it

You can do it right now and hope they respond soon. Give them about 8 hours and then ask the buyer to cancel it from his order page, and then you will approve the cancellation. Again this is so HOPEFULLY it won’t affect your stats that way. If you don’t hear from him or get him to start the cancellation you will need to do it yourself from your order page.

But where do I ask cs to cancel, I put up a dispute

Yeah, I would have done the same. I had a buyer once who wanted me to sign an NDA. When I read it through, it had clauses in that essentially said that I was agreeing not to identify myself as the author of their content or pursue compensation, even if at some point in the future the buyer decided my work wasn’t suitable and decided to reverse payment.

Anything like this usually means you are dealing with someone with an ulterior motive.

Regarding cancellations, I seem to do well with a 97% order completion score. It seems to be when things go below 94% that the wheels fall off everything.

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Since you are new at this cancellation business you can just keep the dispute as it is. What reason did you give for the dispute?