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A buyer keep blackmailing me

A buyer massage me and i’m overbooked and my regular buyer giving me regular job so i refuse to work with him and he send me this massage .

if this is your arrogance level, let me highlight your id to fiver and show them your arrogance. looks like they have given you too much work and your arrogance level has gone high. let me bring it down

what can i do now . i already reported on this massage .

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If you’ve already reported him, block and ignor him.


thank you i’m doing that

Glad to hear it. Then you appear to be doing everything you can do to appropriately deal with that situation.

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I always try to avoid this type of clients i don’t know why he wanted to report me. i told her twice i’m not available now i’m overbooked

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It is all you can do, to report this. Realize the way this person keeps mentioning your “arrogance” that they are actually projecting on to you their own arrogance.

I’m so sorry you got this message. I don’t know why anyone would send this to you but there are all kinds out there so please put it behind you. It’s not worth thinking about.


For the several of you saying the seller did everything they could: can’t you temporarily place your account on hold / away (or whatever it’s called) so newcomers know you’re not available that day (due to being overbooked)?


i will put that i think i need to do that . thank you

thank you so much . i blocked him already

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