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A BUYER made my order

I recently had a sale in which the delivery time was 3 days. I completed and delivered the order during the FIRST DAY in which the order was active. I had no communication from the buyer. Two days AFTER the deadline of the order, the buyer finally contacted me…by asking for a revision. The revision was something extremely minor, that could be solved through messages alone (he was simply questioning an aspect of the service I delivered). I sent back the order with a few changes he asked for. At this point, my delivery timer already had a large red LATE. It has been nearly a week and the buyer still hasn’t confirmed the delivery.

What do I do? I completed the order on time, it was the buyer who asked for a revision after the deadline. I don’t want this to affect my profile. He still hasn’t accepted my revision nearly a week on from the delivery. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you

You can ignore this. It won’t affect your stats in any way. If you need more details then do a search, there are multiple topics on this.

If you made the revision changes then you should deliver the order again and it will be auto-completed if the buyer is not responsive within 3 days.