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A buyer mistakenly gave a tip. Now she wants money back, how do we resolve that?

A Buyer mistakenly tipped me after she completed her order. Now she wants her money back. How do we resolve it?


I don’t think there is anything you can do from your side
One thing is contact customer support .
Maybe then can help you.


How does someone mistakenly give a tip? Your buyer made her choice, and gave you a tip for work well done. Politely remind her of her choice, and move on.


Only customer support can help in the issue

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No one mistakenly gives a tip! I find this entire thing suspicious.


How can someone mistakenly give a tip? :rofl:

She’s definitely not being straight with you.


You will have to completely refund the order and trust that the buyer will open and complete a new order for the original amount. It’s absurd, but that’s what Customer Support will tell you as well (I’ve heard it before myself when someone accidentally added an extra after the order was delivered).

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Yep, that’s pretty much correct although CS will suggest you do it the other way around - buyer order the gig again and then cancel the original. This is because CS can force a cancellation on sellers but can’t force a payment from buyers but I can’t even imagine the reaction it would get if you said that to a buyer!

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I would politely refuse to refund a tip. There is no reason to ask for a tip back.


Not only I find a buyer saying that he/she mistakenly giving a seller a tip is fishy, when a buyer tells a seller that he/she tells a seller that he/she mistakenly placed an order, I also think that´s fishy.


Yes it is fishy although one time I placed an order by mistake when I saw a competitor’s link to her gig on a website and clicked it to see what would happen. I then saw that it actually placed the order much to my surprise and I had to ask for a refund.


You wouldn’t tip a waiter “by accident” then ask for it back! Omg no shame… :see_no_evil:


LOL, like a curious cat/dog. :slightly_smiling_face:


We are human and mistakes are part of life.
You can simply refund it or ask the support to have a look on this


Agreed! I’ve never had the guts to ask a buyer to pay again before being refunded. While it may not be a huge amount of money, (1) I don’t know about their financial situation and (2) it’s a terrible inconvenience. I think it would come across as quite rude as well, although it’s not the seller’s fault to begin with.

A partial refund option is a must, especially since Fiverr is continuously pushing prices up.

Totally agreed! :slight_smile:

You can talk to fiverr, you cant refund tip so far i know