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A Buyer Ordered a gig and I've worked on it for 15 days

Dont EVER cancel an order. Deliver EXACTLY what the customer paid for. Explain with your delivery their code is flawed and you are delivering what you have been paid to do. Any other issue is not yours to worry about.

It is high time for your to enrich your communication and you should communicate to the buyer and must explain the situation. Hope problem will be solved but as a new you should completed the project at any cost to boost your job experiences. hope for the best


I’ve done that but the buyer isn’t responding now I only have 6 hours left to either deliver the final product or request cancellation :frowning:

To initiate cancellation through CS:

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@julianbetje do not deliver. Buyer can claim incomplete work, unless you’re a certain you did the exact work then you can deliver. Ofcourse he will come back because of the bugs, and ask you to fix it. Perhaps you can meet in the middle and find out what works for the both of you. If you get 1star now, you drop to 4.2 rating, and you can’t send buyer requests.

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well no, because the code was flawed so I couldn’t finish the work. but other than that i’ve hosted the app on my own server and added the whole payment gateway. now the app loads in the dashboard but it crashes because of the bugs in the code.

Oh yeah I totally agree with you on this one