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A buyer ordered my gig, and then cancelled their account?


I am a new seller on Fiverr and I was just messaging someone to ask for details on their order. After not responding to my requests, I clicked on their profile. I was notified that the profile no longer existed.

They have placed an order which means that they already paid, so I am confused about why they would cancel the account.

I am concerned about my completion rate. This would only be my second sale and I don’t want a 50% completion rate. It looks awful. What should I do?


Contact customer service and explain. It is possible customer service deleted their account for a valid reason. As this is not your fault, I do not see why a resolution can not be reached.


If I were you, I would either ask for a cancellation, which would take place automatically after 3 days, or contact customer support.

The money should be refunded to his account automatically. Or, you could also try delivering a part of the order and see if he replies, as he might be getting email notifications.


Thank you

I will just wait and see if they respond. If after 3 days nothing happens, then it won’t look bad on me as long as I stay active attempting to contact them?


Once you open a dispute on an order, the buyer has 3 days to either accept the cancellation or to reject it.

If the buyer does not respond, it will be cancelled automatically.

Just make sure to choose ‘‘unresponsive buyer’’ under reason of cancellation.

The only way in which it would affect you is in the cancelled orders rate, but it’s only one, so it will not have such a huge impact.

Hope you get it fixed! Good luck :blush:


Go to Open a Dispute, Buyer is Unresponsive, Cancel. Then forget about it. It will cancel in a couple of days.

Whatever you do, don’t leave the order open and let it go late.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling brave, you could deliver something based on the information you do have. The buyer isn’t there any more so can’t leave a bad review if it’s not a complete delivery. You get paid.
It’s risky because you don’t know the circumstances of the buyer’s account disappearing and it could come back at any time. To counter that you could put a message in your delivery that says that you noticed their account was suspended, you delivered as best you could with the information available but if their account is reinstated they should message you with the information you need and you’ll redeliver within the message system.

If it was me, I’d cancel and forget about it. you’re not going to get a review which is important to you right now.


precisely why you don’t cancel an order from an unresponsive buyer -
You go through support. No reason to ding your account because of a moron buyer like that. =/
Absolutely no reason.


Closed account with active order almost always means that fiverr found this buyer to be a scam. They are protecting you. Just have contact customer service and have them kill the order as the buyer is no longer valid.