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A buyer ordered my gig without contacting me and isn't responding to my messages.what should I do?


Hi everyone. I’m new on fiverr. Earlier in the morning I saw a notification that a buyer had ordered my gig. He asked me to edit his web page. Now that he had placed the order,I was bound to do his task. I needed source files so I asked him to give me source files and since then he’s disappeared. Now what Should I do? I cant deliver the order unless he provides me the source files.


Reply to @mohsinjanjua:

Thankfully all of my buyers communicate well. I’m a writer, so if they didn’t, I’d be pretty screwed. :slight_smile:

It is rude though. There’s a time limit on each gig; it’s important to honour that. These are the same buyers that leave 2 stars when you’re late or don’t get it perfect, even though their communication sucks.

Let me know what happens. Hopefully they answer soon so you can do your gig. $15 orders are the ones that you don’t really want to cancel!


I’d stop the clock by issuing a cancellation request. I’d also leave a note telling the buyer I’m only doing so to make sure time doesn’t run out on me, and they can cancel it whenever.

I have a couple of negative feedbacks because time run out and they’re horrible.

You could let it ride if you don’t get many orders. Personally, $4 isn’t worth risking my feedback for. :slight_smile:


To clarify though, give the buyer adequate time to respond before you think about doing what I’ve mentioned above. He or she may just be really busy.


Reply to @sara1984: Isnt there a way to report this buyer to fiverr team?


Reply to @sara1984: yeah may be. but don’t you find it offensive? the order he’s given is worth 15$ at least and he’s just disappeared after ordering a 5$ gig and is eventually going to screw my profile.


I’m a web developer, I cant even start the work unless client gives me access to the files. And I’m screwed in worst manner possible.


I would initiate a cancellation if its been a day or two, that way you are safe from harm to your profile and the time stops. Do this if you feel you don’t have ample time to complete the task and or if the buyer fails to communicate appropriately for you to complete it efficiently with room for modification if needed.

Your ratings aren’t worth the $4 in my opinion, and you want to protect yourself when you can. Just FYI mutual cancellation doesn’t hurt your ratings.

Otherwise if you wait too long and it goes to LATE… Then the buyer can cancel on his wim once hes notified he can and your ratings will plummet.


Reply to @mohsinjanjua: This sort of thing happens quite often on Fiverr. There is nothing you can do to prevent it, you can only do your best to work around it when it happens. You may want to extend your delivery times so you can remind any buyers a few times while still having time left on the countdown. You can also add something like “Please do not order until you can provide the information I need to complete the gig!” at the beginning of your gig descriptions.

Unfortunately, you can’t force people to think or act in a way that makes sense. You can only try to keep your sanity when they don’t. Good luck.

ardicus said: Just FYI mutual cancellation doesn't hurt your ratings.
There's no guarantee that a buyer who isn't around to provide information will be around to accept a mutual cancellation either.


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valid point. but they do get a message that it will become cancelled if they don’t respond in 3 days. I think it counts as mutual then.


Reply to @itsyourthing: Lets say I request for ‘mutually canceling the order’ and counter stops there. after that, if client declines the cancellation,Would the clock resume from where it was stopped?


Reply to @mohsinjanjua: Yeah, that’s what’s handy about it. If you wait too long until the clock goes into the red, you then only have a very short space of time to finish the order if the cancellation is rejected.


Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks for clearing this up. I wasn’t sure how it worked.


Reply to @sara1984: Thanks a bunch. it really helped :slight_smile:


I think being very methodical about these things is the only way through it. I’ve had a few situations where things weren’t going as planned and a buyer was being discourteous. Sometimes, though they are just clueless about how fiverr operates. It’s touchy. The only advice I can really give is not to get on the defensive.


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rachel44 said: It's touchy. The only advice I can really give is not to get on the defensive.
Good point. Patience is important and so is remembering what your objective is. There are sellers here who will do 'whatever it takes' to save a sale and others who cancel at the slightest inconvenience. In most cases, keeping a cool head is the only way to get what you want. Even when it doesn't work out, at least you get get overly stressed about it, and that counts for a lot on Fiverr. :)