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A buyer ordered something I never advertised, surely II cannot be penalised for asking to cancel the order

A buyer ordered a logo. I clearly advertise my services as a writer, not a graphic designer. He just ordered from the basic gig without contacting me first. I ask him to cancel the order, in the resolution screen it clearly states that I can be penalized for that. Surely I cannot be penalized for not delivering something I never stated I would provide

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Best to reach out to customer support about this. Happened to me about 6 or 7 times. I have even created a suggestion to reduce this kind of problem cause its ridiculous. Changing the way on receiving orders

Ehilà Silvano, contact CS right away instead of cancelling. This way may spare you an automatic penalty that will immediately be added upon any cancelling, unless they’re swarmed with requests, which is the new normal since the pandemic.
Anyways, any automatic 1 star review due to the order’s cancellation in this case would be reverted since CS can access the order and chat logs for proof, even if it could take some days. If you can bear having a negative review on your gig for a while, it’s not a problem since you’re in the right.

Always make sure to have some obligatory requirements in the order page so that clueless people or trolls don’t do stupid stuff like this.

Thank you, your suggestion is really good

Thank you for your suggestion will contact CS immediately

Hello, When that happens to me, I cancel the order and then go to CS through the Help and Support link under your profile image in the upper right-hand corner of Fiverr. From there, I explain the situation and include the order #.

You will get the copied and pasted message that the cancelation may still affect your stats, but when I have used this procedure, it never has.

I made the suggestion to this seller and he was happy with the way it worked out for him.

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