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A buyer place an order with out contacting me (Please help)


A buy place an order to create 5 gaming apps and 5 earn money apps just for $50
he/she never contact me about this. So i message them till now there is no response
so i want to cancel that order
What should i do ?


You could increase your prices and make sure “Please contact me before ordering” is easily seen in the gig.
You could also make pricing clearer eg. approx cost of various types of apps.


Cancel and change your gig description.
Promising to create any app is not a smart idea.

Your gig says that buyer should contact you, but you can still place an order and Fiverr will still penalize you for cancellation.


Thank you so much for the reply
I’m new so don’t know to to create a professional gig
can you tell me how to Cancel it
and how to prevent this type of situation in future
Thanks in advance


Its already in my gig
I already ask contact me before ordering

But he she never did?


It’s right near the end of the gig description in the “bonus” section. Maybe if it’s near the top and more noticeable they will be more likely to contact before ordering.

Increasing prices is the best way if $5 isn’t the actual cost for any app. Make it a higher price or create gig packages and that will help stop that. Like I said you could give approx. prices in the description for various types of apps but say that they need to contact you for an custom price for their app(s).

You could make the price high enough to stop people doing that and also so that you could use the gig for sending offers to buyer requests etc.


SO can you tell me best way to cancel it ?


Near the top of the order page on the right it should say “need to change or cancel your order?” and “visit the resolution center” option. Press the “visit the resolution center” option.
Select “ask the buyer to cancel the order”. Enter the reason (eg. buyer didn’t contact first for a specific price). It should be cancelled in a few days unless the buyer declines it but you could then ask again to cancel or contact CS.


thank you so much for your time