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A buyer regejected the order even i complete all the work she said!



I have a buyer who purchased the order from me about $10 and she send me 2 docx files before the acceptance of order and i aggree to do it and in file tasks are includes which i have to do. Now i completely do all the tasks and she agree with all my work even i do more enuff tasks more than she pay. Now the problem is she said more and more tasks after order is accepted which she were not menshioned initially . And i m tired to fix the stuff but she didnt stop and refuse my $10. I mean i the time that i spend is gone?even my $10? I need my fair money please!

Can any one help me? Any help is appreciated.


@navjot789 if you have provided what your gig promise and you said on offer then no need to accept cancellation. Consult to CS.


Contact Customer support dont accept cancellation , i’ve seen many buyers like this who want to get work done for free contact customer support


Yes! I contact customers support and they said we can’t do anything its your headace.



Never do more than what you’re paid to do. It’s one thing to throw a free extra because you want to get a good review and maybe a tip, but if she paid you to do a logo and then she asks for a Facebook cover, tell her you’ll send her a custom offer for a Facebook cover (in the messaging section, not in the gig so she’ll start a new order).

Sadly, bait and switch buyers happen on occasion, some people are just dishonest.

Customer service did tell you to “clearly explain to them that you delivered the order as requested.” So I think you can click “deliver,” attach the document, and give your buyer that explanation.


As far as i concern doing something more than paid is not a issue… coz on some categories sellers should go some more extra mile to be survived.

What i suggest is … do not submit the final work on the first delivery in source format. just send it in readable low resolution image format and mention a clause as 'Once it is confirmed and accepted i’ll send you the final Source file" … then those buyers will be honest with you.


There’s a difference between going the extra mile to just straight up working for free. You completed the work, you get paid for it. It’s easy as that. If this buyer wants more work done, then they’ll have to pay for it. As CS told you, explain this to your customer as politely and professional as you can.


I agree that you should politely tell the buyer that you did what was agreed to and the order is complete. Then stop arguing or talking to them. Deliver what you did for the buyer and just let the order complete.

Send the buyer a custom offer to do the extra work they want done.


That’s not a bad idea, but what if you deliver in 3-days and the buyer takes 2 weeks to get back to you? I’d rather just deliver all and deal with the consequences later.


If your gig says you are going to send the source format, then that is what you must send on the final and only delivery.

What you are suggesting is blackmailing the buyer that they won’t get what they want until they “confirm and accept” it.

You can send it BEFORE you deliver it to see if it is what they want, but when you actually deliver it, it had better be what you said you are offering in the gig description.


if you delivered within the 3 days and buyer came back after 2 weeks its not ur problem … you can send them when evener they come back to you.


If you have done the work which was the requirements so talk to your client politely and show your client with screenshot his requirements and your completed work and satisfied your client that i have done your work which you said in the requirements must share screenshot


I would advice to work even without getting paid for the extra work, if it makes the buyer happy. Much better to get a glowing golden review than bad one!


its not blackmailing … if they count not accept the delivery why you need to send the source file.
Also the image format is enough for them to check and requesting modifications or for the confirmation… Soruce files are heavy formats some times it will take more than 500MB in Graphic designing. Also most of the time the buyer will request multiple revisions for them to get what they exactly want… then each and every time you no need to deliver the source file… once it confirmed if you send it its enough for them.

other wise if they got the source file on the 1st delivery and if they not accepted your delivery… you can not do anything … even the buyer can easily process the modifications on top of the source file… even CS will not do anything.

if you offered the source file on your gig Package you must send them on the final delivery.


Thanks for your suggestions guys! But i m webdeveloper i work on Server. Not making banners.
I succesffuly completely the work which menshion in 2 docx file she send me. Now when i completely do my work she said shee need her website responsive too. Thats not my work or didn’t menshion in my gig.


She gave me her username and password of her Cpanel. Maybe she can change her password if i didn’t do anything. In respect i got nothing! All those changes kept on server.


very sad! :frowning: contact with CS


hi navjot i’ll suggest you to keep rejecting everytime your buyer opens a dispute, dont give up if you did what was specified we should not be bullied by such buyers


Look above i attach the screenshot. They said its my headace.