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A buyer regejected the order even i complete all the work she said!


Yes! If money wasn’t mine either wasnt her.


I just believe in delivering what I’m paid to deliver. Besides, buyers can cheat no matter what you do. Buyers can take your design and have someone else recreate it.


This is probably illegal. Just saying. It’s blackmail, which is not cool. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and this could get you into a heap of trouble.


I m just kidding-i m not hacker


But i got a excess on her site


a responsive website? That would be a complete redesign.


yes i agree with you


My Buyer wants the world for just $10. Should I give him? He hired me for some minor changes in existing work after that he keeps asking for more new changes which become the cost of $50. Nither he is giving review nor compensation. He is only giving revisions and asking for new changes.


wish a Happy New Year to all


Of course not. Why is this even an issue that you would consider?

Do what you agreed to do within the offer or package your buyer ordered. He is not entitled to any more work than that. Be a great seller, but enforce your service limits.


I have completed a job. My client gave me $5 tip and 4.4 rating. It is my first rating. After that, I got banned from making offers to buyers’ request Because I require at least 90% rating to make an offer to buyers’.:sob:


Same done this to me. Some buyer though in just $5 or $10 they might be buy a seller


That’s why they called Buyer and we are Seller!! If we think positively, Buyers give an order only believe in our WORDS. Never met or seen us.

So my point of view is, we can try to consider the level best. This is my opinion and I try as well. The solution is only Polite Words for here!

Happy Freelancing!


From your profile description and a gig, you say that you also ’ make advertise banner design…’