A buyer report me for asking a custom order and my gigs is $5


A buyer report me for asking a custom order and my gigs is $5
buyer offer me $20 with a large work but i say $30
so that he give me a report
what can i do now
anyone can help me ???


Don’t worry about this at all. You are allowed to ask for $30 if you want to. It’s not against the rules.


Its okay my friend.
The support team will look into it and find it normal.
Being reported does not always mean that you have done something wring :wink:


Dont worry.
Did you apply on his proposal?


no but fiverr team give me a first worrning


but fiverr give me a warning

Your account is currently restricted by our Trust & Safety team. For more information, please contact Customer Support here

but fiverr team give me a warning if i get 1 more i am demonated


You can use the resolution centre to adjust the price and state clearly your reason(s).
However, if you don’t want to take the risk to get another report, treat the $10 a cost for a lesson. Just finish the job and hope the client is not a picky one.
After that, think carefully what may go wrong and modify your gig to protect yourself in the future.


I will wait for othera to comment on this,


Either someone in CS didn’t completely understand the situation,


There’s more to this story you’re not telling us.


i don’t take any order


you can put this in your gig: "please, contact me before buying because the price could be changed depends on your request"
and then you are safe :wink:


okk i understand that


its ok you don’t need to worry about it :slight_smile: