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A Buyer Request Suggestion I think is long overdue

It is no secret that a lot of people have been unhappy with the Buyer Request Section when people are blatantly promoting themselves when it is not for that purpose. I think it is time we had a report button or link that can enable us to report people who do promote in there. Your admin can operate a three strikes & you’re out kind of policy where anyone repeatedly offending are banned. It’s no fun having to sift through the posts looking for actual Buyers Requests. At one point recently there were more promoting than Buyers Requesting. It is only going to put people off the site which isn’t good for anyone.


I agree !
The strange thing is that these people got offers lol

I suspect a lot of the offers are generally sent by sellers who can’t tell that the person is selling, not buying. To be fair, it can be pretty confusing a lot of the time (e.g. when a post just says “write articles”).
Also, I think this would be of interest to you:


Thanks for the link, I just voted, although as it dates back to December last year I suspect it isn’t being considered as it cannot be that difficult.

As far as offers are concerned, I would like to think that my way of thinking (everyone else has hit the Send Offer link to give the spammer a piece of their mind) as opposed to people actually giving them their projects is far more satisfying. I would hate to think people actually give spammers their projects!

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Yeah, it’s basically impossible for them to get work on buyers requests. It’s not even a place that buyers browse.
It does kind of suck that Fiverr still hasn’t resolved this. Although most sellers who post there either realize their mistakes (perhaps because of a strongly-worded “offer” or two ;)) or up and leave entirely, there will forever be a new stream of people who spam there. I suspect it might be too much workload for staff to actually sort through those that were reported, as you can’t guarantee that everyone will be reporting the “right” things.


I couldn’t agree more Coremedia. I made this exact recommendation over a year ago and was told at that time it would be considered for future platform development (canned response). Buyer Requests in a variety of skill areas are rife with abuse, driving the experienced sellers with whom I’m acquainted, away from the feature.

The challenge for Fiverr is likely one of implementation; should they decide to offer a “Report Abuse” feature in any part of the platform, they’ll probably decide to do it system wide since there are multiple places it is needed.

Why not just remove the whole buyer request section entirely? Back when I started using Fiverr before the buyer request section became a thing, I noticed that new sellers were getting more orders, and everything was generally balanced, but ever since the section has been added, there’s been nothing but promotion spam on that page, I personally think that we can do without the buyer request section, as it doesn’t really get anyone orders, it’s just a thought.

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i also think so
Thanks for all replies