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A buyer requested a $50 Novel

That is all. Have a great day, fellow writers!


A mouse ran up the clock. (Your story was good, too.) :wink:


Take the gig and let me write the novel.

Once upon a time, there was a tight-a*s buyer who tried to get a noble writer to work for peanuts.

The noble writer, who was also a wizard, decided to teach the tight-a*s buyer a lesson. He wrote the novel, edited it, and sent it to the buyer.

Only, the novel was three paragraphs long. The tight-a*s buyer exploded with rage and the writer lived happily ever after with his money.

The end.


Future Amazon Best Seller!!!:+1::+1:


Take the gig and send a novel with expired rights like Frankenstein. Just change the title to something like, ‘The Man Made out out of Many Other Men.’

No rules will be broken and your buyer won’t realize.


As a writer and editor here on fiverr, I don’t know if I should :joy: or :sob:

I’ve had someone inquire about an editing job of 100,000 words. They said their budget was between $15 and $30, and that it’ll be quick because their English is good. Just for fun, I skimmed through the first section and it was incoherent. I let them know my price quote of $1,000 (at the very least) and they ghosted.


Those kinda buyers are a freak, a maniac

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Let’s be rational, did the buyer give a word count or any requirements? If he didn’t, just deliver what $50 is worth.


I had some idiot want me to not only write 500 words for a ghostwritten blog post, they wanted pictures AND for me to format it within a Wordpress theme too; for $5. I told them it was $20 flat.

There was also some seller (A seller!) that had a request wanting a 25,000 word novel for $25. Wow.

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It’s the worst when sellers are unreasonable like that. You’d think they of all people would understand… :roll_eyes:

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hahah! This is brilliant.

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I was get a client, who want do 60 minutes animation with $100.

I’m glad and really happy he ask to me first before making order. If not, I will get trouble. At the end, we just do 15 minutes slideshow with $200. Happy ending.


$50? Someone ring Fabio, we are going to need another cover…


I had a similar problem with a buyer who wanted a 5000-word article written in three days for $10. Then there was the buyer who wanted the first draft of their novel edited for $20. They said I would barely need to change it. A glance at the attached Word document told me otherwise.