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A Buyer’s purchase

Hello, My seller is one day late in delivering my order. I would not have known about the project being late if I didn’t contact the seller two days before due date. I asked the seller if I could see how my characters would look, The seller stated that she will send the finish illustrations on due date, which will be 3 days late. I agreed to the two days to avoid confrontation. Should I have cancel the order? I have no idea how the characters will look, The project will be three days late, and I will not know how long it will take for the seller to do the revisions if needed. I would like to know your thoughts. Thank you

It depends on you actually, if you are not in a rush you can wait but it’s already not a good sign that your seller asked for an extension and still was late with a deliver on top of that.

After 24 hours missing the deadline your project will go to a “very late” stage and after 48 hours fiverr will give you an option to cancel the order automatically because seller failed to deliver on time.

But anyway I would’ve asked your seller on the update and when you should expect your delivery otherwise you will be forced to cancel the order or contact fiverr support.

Thank you, I have asked the seller if I could have a specific date in which she will be done. She stated at 1 to 2 days. Will I be penalized for agreeing with the two days if I cancel ? I have asked the seller before agreeing to work with her if she could please tell me how long it would take for the illustrations to be completed. She stayed at the 24th which is past due. I do want to cancel because I’m afraid that it may take longer for the revisions if needed. Your thoughts