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A buyer send me Whatsapp no To contact with him

A buyer sends me a message and asked me to contact on Whatsapp no. I said I can`t share my personal details and report him to Fiverr. Please let me Know my account is Safe?


You Just Say him This is Fiverr TOA Violence. I can’t Give


yes @coder_infinity I said and report to Fiverr also. is my account Safe by doing this?

You say no and report as spam.

Yes. I think definitely your account be safe

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Yes, Your account safe

Yes,I don’t do this personal information.

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Thank you @newplus_design

Thank you @clippingexprt

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Thank @coder_infinity

Yes, you did exactly what you were supposed to do.

Sometimes it’s enough to just tell them that you can’t do that and that all the messages and information exchange must go through Fiverr. Some buyers are simply new and don’t know the rules.

If they keep insisting, though, or if they send you that kind of request in an attachment, then you know for sure that they don’t care about the rules and that they don’t care whether they’re going to get you banned or not.

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Thanks @catwriter i Always report such buyers