A buyer send order but


a buyer send me a gig order but not give me information what he/she want


You’re going to have to ask him/her what he/she wants. We have no idea what he/she wants in his/her order. This is a matter that only you and your buyer can resolve.



I’ve got this scenario at the moment as well. A buyer sends an order, but doesn’t include the script for voicing - er so how exactly am I supposed to complete your order with no script to actually voice?

I’ve sent several messages and raised a dispute, but zero response from the buyer.

This is also a newly registered buyer.

I think there needs to be more power from the sellers end to be able to cancel an order from our end and also Fiverr needs to vet new buyers i.e. no profile pic or any info or any kind and you can’t place an order.


@ssajidsharif Message the Buyer for the Details you need… If he/she doesn’t reply then in the order section on right side there is an option called “Resolution Center” Click there and you will find some solution… Hope this helps!


I’ve already raised a dispute on the order - still zero response from the buyer.

Hugely frustrating.


To ensure you avoid such situations in the future, always give buyer more directions. In your gig requirements section, make it mandatory that the buyer must give all the necessary details before the order is started. For example, you could put a section that says ‘please provide me with the script’ etc.


Sorry you are going through this. That’s just insane, to order a voiceover but not include any script, and then disappear. I thought it must be a $5 buyer who didn’t care about it but see your gig starts at $50, so at some point he or she will probably be back.

It would be wonderful if in these cases we could put an order on “hold” until the buyer finally responds.


Tell me about it! Yeah it wasn’t a small order either - which is hugely frustrating.

Will see what happens. I’ve given them until this evening to respond, because I’m well aware of time differences and weekends etc. But if nothing. Will just ask CS to cancel it.


@emmapinkyb stay online and send buyer request hope you find order soon


Discuss with your buyer about this. And wait buyer must give you instructions what they want.
You should properly discuss everything that buyer wants.