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A buyer sent me a virus!

Ok so I received a message today on my Fiverr inbox. It said “Halo! I want order servc.
I need to do this quickly.
Pls see task.
tomorrow will be ready??”

I downloaded it and it was a ZIP file. I have a very deep knowledge of information security ( I have a masters in IT security) and when I opened the Zip file, I could guess it was a virus. It contained a word document and some instructions on how to run the zip file.

My antivirus caught a file trying to remotely control my computer. I took care of it, scanned my system and cleared any trace of the files.

I imagine what could have happened, I try to backup my client files regularly and I also have a backup laptop, just in case. Please take note of this and always be careful when opening files, I have reported the Seller already.



could’ve tried to add you to his botnet cluster lucky you but you could have avoided that by just previewing the zip file and not extracting it.

These malicious people will never stop, ever! :angry:

Reminds me of a link I received 7 years ago, with a Java applet (at that time many browsers had Java applets enabled), and after I opened it thinking it was their site I saw nothing. Next morning, my account was missing $200 of earnings, Fiverr blocked my account until I verified it with them, and maybe from there the general account verifications had started.

And no, Fiverr didn’t give me those earnings back - I guess it was my fault after all for clicking on that link :frowning:

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True, I was only curious. I also wanted to inspect the bat file. My bad

do not example attachments for instructions, there is a text field box area for that.

Wow $200? That will hurt a lot. Oh mine, sorry to hear that!

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My kind of gigs require loads of attachments and some attach instructions to messages and leave a short note.

This is the first of its kind.

I think fiverr should implement some sort of antivirus for attachments, that might help a bit for ignorant sellers.

It hurts to lose your hard earned money

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Goodness, I’m so sorry you experienced something like that!

Luckily, none of my current gigs require attachment files, but I feel for those of you that run gigs that do happen to require downloading attachments. Unfortunately, there are malicious people everywhere. :frowning: Luckily, you were savvy enough to take care of the problem before it escalated! Kudos.

It also happened to me but my google chrome blocked the .zip file from downloading…

i had the same experience three years ago. at that time i have a sort knowledge about internet. so the buyer had sent me a link to a website and i opened it without thinking twice. mmmm nothing informant in that site and i informed to buyer he didn’t not respond. and the next when i try to login to account here it says “you must login to access this page” lol that guy hacked into mail and my fiverr accounts. as i remember there was $390 cleared revenue and few $ to clear. i lost all of them and very valuable account with 300 feed backs :confused:
then my friend told me that was a phishing :frowning:

Happened with me few movements ago.What Should i do? I marked is as unspam

You were sent a virus?

What if they uploaded it in BR section? many will get that virus

If you think about it that way, yeah, we’d have to be careful but I haven’t heard of something like this happening and I hope nothing like this would happen as well.

It happened to me a couple of times when I used BR - I downloaded the attachments and one was a .doc file with a nasty script, and another was a JPG image that had a virus in it, which luckily my AV caught it (who would’ve guessed that nowadays even regular images can hold viruses?! :roll_eyes: )


Did you ask him why ? I think he is also a seller who jealous at you :grin: