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A buyer that canceled the orders after I delivered


Hi guys,

I just want to tell my story a couple days ago a buyer name “mccormickrd” here on fiverr ordered 2 gigs from me. After I delivered it, I told him that in case of any problems or mistakes just send me a message and I will resolve it as soon as possible. After a few days, probably 3 days I receive an update or notification that I was already late in re-submitting the orders or re-do the orders. I think in this part, it’s fiverr’s fault. I check my fiverr account 3-5x a day. Back to the buyer, the buyer is saying that I have a lot of mistakes and that he has to correct it all by himself. I really have doubts about his complains because I’ve been in this job for years now and I know that what I did for him was perfect and his orders were pretty easy. To tell you the truth, his orders were one of the easiest that I’ve done. Oh I almost forgot my gig that he ordered is Video Captioning. I believe this buyer whenever he gets what he wants he cancels his orders in order for his money to comeback.

Anyways, I just want to tell my story about this buyer “mccormickrd” and be a warning to other sellers. And hopefully, fiverr fixes some of the glitches. The recent update really did ruined some of the top sellers and some of the services here.