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A buyer that cheats and is very rude

Hi, I wanted to inform all people of the fiverr community about a buyer who cheats with the seller

There is a buyer that asks you to help in his automata assignments. He starts asking you questions and ultimately completes his assignments and you get nothing. basically he’s a scam.
Be aware from these type of people


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You need to remove the name of the buyer from your post as negatively naming buyers and sellers is not allowed on the forum.

Helping with assignments is against the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


Sir, I know. I’ve told him this. But he just says I don’t care

@alibasit2704 You didnt understand. @lloydsolutions means you arent allowed to mention any usernames with negative meaning on Fiverr forum because you are breaking ToS. You may get banned, so be careful

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How can I edit my post?

Use the little edit pen at the bottom of the post.

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So, my post is hidden now. what should I do? Kindly guide me

If you are unable to edit it there is nothing you can do. It has been flagged by the community for attention by a moderator who will deal with it.

Here is a note of the forum rules: for future reference.

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Will I lose everything? :open_mouth:

I am worried. I didn’t mean to violate

Is my post viewable now?

It is fine now. Make sure to read the rules that I gave you in my previous post.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so much <3 . I got worried

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Hello, let me explain something. If you give someone information willingly that is your fault if he uses it. No one else. So be aware that anything you give someone is possibly going to be used.

Do not give too much information to anyone.

I will. Thanks :smiley:

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Spammers are everywhere need to be careful