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A buyer threatens to report me that too for nothing and without taking his order as I was not perfect for what he wanted!

I got a message from buyer:

Buyer: Hello you make custom word press themes?
I’ve got a theme in mind that I want you to create.
ME: Hey basically I am not a theme developer can’t make it

and the he started to tell me you have written in gig (You can create custom WordPress themes?) which I have not and my gig clearly says:

I Will Create Wordpress Website Or Wordpress Design From Scratch

So he started to threaten me that I will report the gig you charge $200 for nothing etc! I politely told him If I am wrong tell me I will change gig description but he started to threaten me for nothing.

What to do? He keeps on sending messages! I blocked and reported to Fiverr.

Once you block him twice (annoying but it works) he won’t be able to message you. You could also just ignore him. If he actually places an order you’ll have to update your Support ticket and ask them to cancel it. It will temporarily affect your stats but you can’t deliver what you don’t do.

As an alternative, if he does order, you can re-explain that you can install a pre-made theme of his choice and do the other things listed in your gig. He sounds like he might not be happy with that, so personally I would cancel.


don’t worry you just say him please do what you think is right…but careful about your masseges do not use harsh words in your conversation.if he contact to fiverr he has to prove his point with strong proof and also fiverr will hear on both sides…:wink:

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Yes, right basically I am not expert at what he wants nor does my gig define what he wanted! But he justed wanted to show me he knows everything and annoyed me for nothing.

I blocked him and even opened a ticket because may be if he orders or reports for nothing then I have atleast an option to not get affected by that.

Yes, I kept calm even I told him that if my gig description is wrong I will change don’t worry but he kept saying what was not in my gig! Still I kept calm and tried to make him understand but he did not.

Maybe he thought the “Wordpress Design from Scratch” part of your gig’s title meant your gig included the creation of custom themes.

You could put a note somewhere in the gig description or maybe in an FAQ that it doesn’t.