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A buyer tricked with me by telling lie

I buyer contact with me in inbox before starting a order.He said to me that he had no hurry. Enough time in his hand. He want to complete his job within 2 or 3 days. By saing this he decreases the working budget. Then I wanted to see his working photo (for making 3d cartoon).

He told me to first accept the offer than he will show me. When I asked him he told to me he don’t want to share his photo everyone without who works for this. Then I was believe him and accept the order. After long time delay he showed me the image. Which was low resolution and side shot which was unable to work. And only few hours later he pushing me to work done Quickly in 24 hours.

This is really very pathetic.:sob::sob::sob: What can I do now? If cancel then that will harmful for my profile. Anyone give me a good suggestion.
Thank you.


You shouldn’t have accepted that as a solid argument to reduce price.

You also advertise a 4-hour delivery for $5. I understand that all you do is apply a photoshop filter to an image, and that must take you like 30 minutes tops, but perhaps that’s the root of most of your problems.

Which is of course why you can’t work with a low resolution image.

If you can’t work with the provided image, then you need to let your client know and cancel if you can’t work around it, or if they can’t provide a higher resolution image.

This is a teaching opportunity for you:
-start offering something of true value
-don’t over promise that you will deliver in a couple of hours
-do not allow people to walk all over your pricing

EDIT: I see that you are also offering a money back guarantee. So this is where you need to use it I guess.


If you can’t do it then cancel it. And never do that again where you do not first see the picture.


If you do portraits/any kind of character work that has to be based on a photo reference, seeing the photo first is very important. You have to insist and be ready to turn people away if they refuse.

I had someone once commissioning a portrait of their girlfriend and wanted me to get her “radiant skin tone” right, then sent a photo of the poor woman in near-complete darkness. It was hilarious.

Tell your buyer you can’t do the job based on the materials provided and cancel. If they refuse, contact CS and ask them to cancel (stating the same reason). You can probably use less emojis when talking to CS, though. You know, like an adult.


Thank you for your valuable comments.
But within four hours is an early fast delivery options. And there I created a note[ before fast delivery please contact me]. And during this time I didn’t face this type of problem. I think my fault is about believe him. And one more important thing is, it was not a easy work like any especially effect on Photoshop.
Thank you.

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Thank you for your comment. Appreciated with you. Actually he told to me that “it is my family photo,daughter,wife, etc.” So that I was believe him. If he show me that images first then I couldn’t accept that. And when i have talking about the image he didn’t response that time.

You have to know when to not accept a job. This was the time to choose not to do it.


Thanks, he did it after accepting offer.

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I think my only fault is I believed him that time. After all of these, I checked his profile. His maximum review is bad. He is a seller and buyer too. But both reviews were bad. Rating was bad also.

Thank you for your valuable comments

Your gig’s image clearly states a 4 hour delivery window.

You can add all the fine print you want but I’m pretty sure that’s false advertising and Fiverr won’t like it one bit.

As for how hard it is to make what you are selling, I was speaking out of experience as a designer after reviewing your portfolio and actual deliveries.

If you have other samples where you actually worked really hard and did manual labor I somehow missed them as you don’t display such samples currently.


your gig image has 4 hours on it. The gig description has 4 hours on it and the FAQ has 5-6 hours. If your gig says one thing and you tell customers something else, that’s bait and switch & if someone complains to support you are going to have serious problems.


it’s not a matter of if, but “when”.


4 hours? What’s wrong with 24 hours? It’s something that would make me skip over any gig that says do something in 4 hours.

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I respect all of you and yours opinion so that I have edited my best seller gig although I know after edit best seller it can goes down.
I believe that we learn from our faults.

But can you tell me on things? 1 person tell me something before order and after order started he tell me different something. Then what can i do? Will I cancel that?Then it will harmful for order completion. And if I submit a bad quality work then I will get a bad review and rating. In this situation what should i do? This is the main point. Here someone talking about my gigs description only, Right? But he didn’t hire me by watching my service description only, He hired me after talking. He made an agreements by talking something but when offer accepted then he changed. In this case what is my fault?

I changed my gig description and image also. If you have few minutes for me then please check again .

Thank you

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Accepting to work with someone who wanted a discount. They’re always trouble.


You have to do what your gig description says. If he says something different after the order you can tell him that you are going to do what you said you would do before he ordered.

This buyer sounds like trouble. I personally would cancel it. Tell him you have decided that you cannot meet his changing requirements and you hope he finds another seller who will do a good job for him.

You should contact customer support and tell him he changed his demands after the order started so you want to cancel the order. Hopefully they MIGHT not affect your account that way.

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Thank you very much. Finally you understood my problem and gives me a good solution. But before this time I was freeze by others lot of comment about my work and I did a mutual cancellation, Which effect me already. Decrease 100% to 83%. If I could get this idea before I wish I could save my profile from this problem.

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Can you please tell me that where from I will get that option to contact fiverr support individually for showing this problem? Thank you

In the main gig image that says “before & after”, isn’t the hair different enough in the drawn version for it to not be only a filter (ie. surely there must have been some manual work in that)?

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