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A Buyer Trying to Scam me, doing personal attacks

I’m faced with another buyer who is trying to scam me.

He ordered me 3 Gigs of 60$ (20$ each) and requested me to deliver within 36 hours (my gig delivery duration is 5 days).

I finished the work and delivered today and offered him that if he is not satisfied, I can offer revision.

In return, He wants me to cancel the orders on the base of a few grammar issues.

Even he is abusing me and constantly harassing me.

Can anyone please help me notice this issue in Customer Support ?

You can submit a ticket here:

Definitely do contact support and provide them with screencaps of everything he’s said and done. They are usually pretty good about shutting down bullying, but it’s difficult to know if they’ll think the best plan of action is cancelling the orders (you did the work, I wouldn’t cancel them for anything–you deserve that money), or talking to the buyer or…

Anyway, as long as you provide lots of proof that the buyer is harassing you and you get the right CS rep, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get any negative feedback that he tries to leave removed. I’d take the issue to CS right now, before he tries to cancel or leaves feedback, just so it’s in the pipe and you can monitor the situation as it progresses.

And try not to worry. That’s a lot of stress for $60. Don’t let one crappy buyer get to you!

man! buyer must have took ur work and “free lunch” on you.

Future, Add watermarks, then PDF locked, & upload on cloud or your website, set mode as “only readible” (set to not downloadable & cant screen capture).

Reply to @apbiz_: when you have 40-50 orders a day,that’s kinda hard to acomplish.

Sorry to hear this happen to you. I hope this gets resolved.

I used to reply to buyer that the file has spywares/ adwares, demand clean files or reund. (Im quite geek in a way, as I read up alot on securities, internal & external IP addresses) But fiverr is quite a lovely “cheat” when needed shortcut, when life is on our back. You know buy a gig and pull it off, done for the day. And now, when I get virus, I smile and say thanks to the seller. Either rid trogen off w/ SW or trash the it once & for all, pay the $5. And mark the nickname… in my “black book”. Chill. Is there a label called “Buyer can Con” under my nickname? Hehe.

Reply to @cre8iveartwork: Actually what they suggested is just as easy as zipping and sending the file once you have learned how!

i fell so sorry for you

How often does this happen?

If you get an order for someone requesting the gig be done in 36 hours, then don’t take the gig, offer a cancellation saying clearly that your delivery time is 5 days, and you do not offer earlier service at this time.