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A buyer trying to scam me. What should I do?

Though I worked following requirements but client dont approve the gig, finally he disputed. I showed him all our conversation snapshots and proof that I did all things following ways but now he stopped talking with me…
How do contact with fiverr customer support easily??.. where will have chance to talk via live chat.

First of all, why do you have an official fiver logo as your profile picture? You have nothing to do with fiverr staff and it’s highly unethical to use their logo.

Secondly it’s been discussed many times on the forum what actions should you take in case your buyer want to cancel an order. All you need to do is to use search button.

As for fiverr customer support I can tell you for a fact that they will either offer you to cancel your order or try to negotiate with your buyer. Fiverr CS will never complete your order, only your buyer can do that.


I wouldn’t bother complaining. If I was your buyer, I’d say that I thought I was hiring a Fiverr official because of your logo, and that as such, I expected the highest quality.

Fiverr will side with your buyer every time and may give you a warning or ban you for having the cheek to nick their logo.

Basically, when living in a glass house, don’t try and swat a fly with a hand grenade.


Since he is not responding simply re-deliver the order with the same thing.

They can’t dispute an order then not communicate why or what they want.

Regarding using the fiverr emblem I see it is only on the forum and not on your profile.

There is no reason to contact customer support as they will not help you.

Simply keep re-delivering the order each time he uses the dispute button until he gives up.

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