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A buyer want file by email

Hi today my returning buyer messaged me that The delivery file I send him is a zip file, he is facing a problem with that, and he asked me to send the file by email, he is also given his email address, should I contact him by the email address or not? Please help

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maybe better use google drive and give link. to have a history of what you transferred the file to buyer


I have already delivered it, and he accepted. But today he messaged me. I have heard that contacting with buyer outside Fiverr, causes account ban.

Don’t contact through email even to deliver a file that way as you risk warnings (or yes, maybe an account ban).

Yes you could give a link to google drive or dropbox (as a public link) where the files are in a folder or attach the files separately on Fiverr if there’s problems with the zip. Or ask him if he wants it in another format (eg. something like zip).


you need to contact support and show them screen of dialog. i think you wouldn’t have been. because you do everything well

upload to Google Drive and you can send WinRar file and secure with Password this file. Later send password by fiverr massage.

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Why did you do this?! You came to the forum asking for help.

You then ignored a sensible suggestion from @yulianaa_model .

And now you say you’ve already broken Fiverr’s terms of service by doing the very action that you came to the forum to ask about :man_facepalming: .

Your buyer was wrong to ask you to email. You were wrong to go along with their request. This is how sellers receive account warnings. Now you’ve highlighted in a public forum that you’ve broken Fiverr’s TOS… so that earns another >>> :man_facepalming: .


I beg your pardon. I said I have already delivered it using Fiverr the previous day and then he accepted that, but today he messaged me that he was facing problem with downloading the file and If i could send him the file by email.

Everything happened so quickly (this thread is just 30 minutes fresh). I’m assuming he has already did what he did and was asking for affirmation on what he did was right.

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I didn’t contact the buyer with email till now. I am asking for your help should I contact him with the email address or not. That’s it

Anyway, I re-read this.

He probably didn’t go along with that request yet and is asking for advise.


Don’t contact him by email. The solution was given by the girls above :slight_smile:


Upload zip file on Drive and share the link with him.

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Do this ASAP. One of my buyers asked the same thing. First I forbade it and I told him it was against the TOS.

Then my buyer marked the order with a bad rating. After that, I sent a drive link. He got what he wanted but my rating went bad.

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Just share the file through google drive or wetransfer or onedrive! Also tell him that sharing file through email on fiverr is strictly prohibited!

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Hi, my advice is keep clear of emailing anyone. Fiverr will ban your account and his. It is also a trick when people want to work outside of Fiverr. They say they need your email and then they call you privately for a new job later.

Fiverr is protecting you. It is not good to give strangers your email or any other contact details. Also don’t every agree on payment privately. If anything goes wrong and they refuse to pay, you will not get any help.

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You do not sent email before you contct fiverr support.

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