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A Buyer want me to disable the watermark!

Hello everyone =)
I need to know if i did a mistake or any violation !
a buyer want me to disable the fiverr watermark from a picture to be able to send it to his client .
he send a picture with his email on it .
I told him that it’s not allowed to work outside fiverr .
and the watermark has developed by fiverr to protect sellers and their efforts .
but there is a solution which is to approve the order and watermark will automatically disappear . after that we can continue the project normally .

This is what i said to him , i just want to know do I did something wrong ?

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Hey there, you did a good thing. Just explain to him that he can download the file with the watermark but once the order is finalized and he likes it and accept it the watermark will disappear. Don’t fall into traps so someone will steal your job and then cancel the order.


Thank you so much for your reply =)
Yes this is what i told him, because he said that he will talk to fiverr about the watermark, and of course they will take a look at the order page, so I’m okay or I did anything wrong when i told him to complete the order if you want to get the job without watermark. ?

It’s apparent that watermark is to prevent sample pictures been used by the gig buyer. A buyer that requested watermark to be removed, my personal opinion, is fishy, and not probably wanting to pay for the gig. It would be more clear if you had asked this person why he or she wanted watermark removed. You answer is right on point.


Hi =)
The buyer want to show his client the image without watermark, he don’t want his client to know that he hired me on fiverr.
But i refused to disable watermark specially that he didn’t approve the order.
I told him if you want to get the images without fiverr watermark, you need to approve the order… But he just ignore this and keep asking me how to remove it …

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Your buyer might find this useful - taken from

Why is there a watermark on my delivery?

When a seller delivers your order, you will see a watermark on the image preview. After you accept your delivery, you will be able to download the original image. This is setup to protect the seller’s work.

I know it’s exactly what you’ve told them, but it might hold more credence if they can see it on a Fiverr help centre page?

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Thank you so much ‘merciavideo’ =)

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You’re very welcome - hope it works out for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

You are welcome! :slight_smile: Yeah, you were completely right, he can send the sample with watermark on it too, nothing is stopping him, and once he got what he want he can accept and use the design.