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A buyer want me to do $100 work just for $5 ! Help me


I’m new fiverr, I do Graphic designs. Don’t have much experience with buyers. There is a guy who want me to do $100 work just for $5. He ask for another modification every time I do modification for his order.

Please help me. What should I do? 8-|



you can write to the support and usually they are really fast answering all your questions. Try to request a mutual cancellation if the buyer agrees.

This is the link of the suppor:



Hi and welcome.

You need to offer something for $5. That’s the model.

So as an example you could offer Lesson 1 or an abbreviated version of the “class” for $5. Or some variant of what it is you do. When you Level Up you will be able to add extras and offer more of the “class”. Good luck. :slight_smile:


I joined moments ago and I have a class that I would like to market for that would cost more than $5,can I do that? how would I do that?




Also, your gig description should clearly state how many mods or revisions you offer.


Reply to @voiceoverwork:

Hi sir,

I actually give unlimited revisions, but it’s all work with other buyers. But this one really make me uncomfortable. He sent me lot’s of stock graphic designs which would be value more than $250 and force me to do some thing like that. You know I don’t want to spent my whole day just for $5 and he won’t let me cancel that order.

fox_design_plus said: I actually give unlimited revisions,

Then what is the issue? Buyers will just keep asking for mods, and you'll have to keep doing them.


If he has already delivered what what agreed upon then it sounds like the buyer is now taking advantage of him.

alb8475 said: If he has already delivered what what agreed upon then it sounds like the buyer is now taking advantage of him.

Exactly. And will in all likelyhood continue to do so.


Reply to @voiceoverwork:

It’s almost as if…there is a powerful business lesson hidden in there somewhere.


Have you ever heard the expression ‘one bad apple spoils the bunch’? It’s unfortunate, but true.


Just tell him that it’s outside the scope of the gig and quote for additional modifications.

fox_design_plus said: He sent me lot's of stock graphic designs which would be value more than $250 and force me to do some thing like that.

Sorry. No one can "force" you. You are the captain of your Fiverr ship. You have to establish the standards that you want to operate by. If that is "unlimited revisions" so be it. However in doing so, you'll have to accept and live with (or find a way to mitigate) the percent that take that promise of "unlimited revisions" to the extreme.

Have you tried standing up the Buyer and saying; "Okay. But this is the last time." ?


Reply to @voiceoverwork:

It sound like I’ll have to limit my unlimited revisions. I gonna do so right now. :smiley:


I often encounter this with buyers that can’t communicate or do not understand or read the terms of your Fiverr. For my Fiverr, I offer 1, revision for $5. That is it. Any more than that and it is a lack of communication from the buyer as I ask the buyer to specify fonts, colours, and images up front. I hate it when the buyer thinks they own you for $3.94 at the end of the day that is what you get for your hard work when Fiverr gets a cut and PayPal.


Reply to @tloislane007: Just so you are aware, you can check the dates on the posts before you respond. The seller that wrote the original post wrote it in March of 2014 and no longer has a valid account on Fiverr. The advice may still be applicable to someone but probably won’t be seen by the person you responded to. Good luck!


Call it quits, tell him you won’t do any more modifications, you might get a bad review, or he’ll request a cancellation.


I do offer unlimited revisions too, but when repeat requests more that logical standars which is three or four. I focus in what the buyer wants exactly, I stop my creativity and do as they ask.

Don’t do another concept, try to imagine their ideas and apply them.

Some people are shy to ask you for modefication, some may be just amazed by the work you have done, and believe me , some of them will never be satisfied.then you should ask them if they know what they want and write an accurate description about it, sketch in a paper …


Disagreements with clients are learning opportunities for you. How did you get into this mess in the first place (unlimited revisions), and how can you prevent yourself from getting into it again (limit your revisions)?

When I make mistakes from the business/communication side of things, I have to deal with it and complete the gig the way they want. This will give me plenty of time to fume at myself and think about how I can improve my gig description or make sure my communication with all my clients is on point.