A buyer want to scam me requesting for refund


Hi my fellow sellers and dear buyers.

Please kindly suggest me what to do with next move on this issue.

A buyer order my gig and i do everything he requested with perfect project done by me, unfortunately, the buyer come 3 days ago yo request for refund after some many days have done the project.

Buyer keep to scaring me to report to fiverr CS if i don’t refund quietly.

Please what should i do on this, i put all effort on this project to be done.

Thanks you all. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Better not to refund. Better wait to see what CS will decide.


I should not reply him?


If you done the job properly why worry. But nothing can be guaranteed. This is business.


If you are confident that you have fulfilled all requests of the order, you deserve to get paid.
You can be proactive by report this case to CS first, with all support proofs that you have done a good job.
Tell the buyer, and CS clearly that you have done your job as promised and you deserve to get paid.
If the buyer wish to change something, you can have a deal but refund after all hard work is a no no.


Yes, i do perfect job for the buyer, i even taught of contacting CS on the issue before he do tell fiverr.

I don’t just know what to do.


Yes, i will contact fiverr CS, if he contact CS firstly, fiverr will hear all he said and refund him without informing me.

I will do as you said to provide all proves to fiverr CS, i wish my word will be in consideration and favor me.

Thanks you.


Threatening other users is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

When you contact CS, send them the screenshot (or screenshots, if there’s more than one) of the threat.


No need to worry. Simply contact CS and tell them all details, they will surely help you out…! :slight_smile:


Thanks you. I will contact CS


Thanks you very much, i will do as you said.