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A buyer wants to cancel an order

A buyer wants to cancel an order as is being not satisfied with delivery. I’ve spent a lot of time for this buyer. Anyway, I would agree to cancel the order if it didn’t affect my rating. Otherwise, I would better take a review from the buyer whatever it is. However, a buyer insist on cancelling. If I don’t accept, it will be canceled automatically anyway? What can I do about it? What is the best solution?

Cancelling the order reduces order completion rate and it do effects in ranking.
And getting a bad review is too dangerous if you don’t have many positive reviews on your gig.

Discuss with buyer and try to solve his problem.


Buyer is not allow to ask your cancellation for poor work, it’s in TOS. Can’t find it now.
But dont accept the cancellation, just keep rejecting it.
Although you may get a poor rating , but it’s your choice

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I’ll get poor rating eaither way, if a buyer cancel or leave a bad review, as cancelling affects the rating. Right?
Also, what if I won’t be on time to reject the cancellation, will the order be cancelled automatically and the buyer will just get a refund and I - my bad rating?

Thanks. The buyer only wants cancellation. I don’t. But what if a buyer keeps pushing on Cancel button and I won’t be on time to reject cancellating when time ends, will the order be automatically cancelled?

If you didnt cancel within 3 days, the order will auto mark completed. Beware of the date

What if I reject but the buyer keeps pushing on Cancel again and again? Is this a game who’ll be on time last?

hahaha, yes. But will suggest you to contact CS. While waiting for the CS, just keep the game on and on :slight_smile:

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What service did you offer and why does this buyer want to cancel? If you are a new seller, there are buyers out there who will play this game and steal your work (time too) pretending that your work was subpar and that they want to cancel.

Look, you are going to get hit either way: you agree to cancel, your completion rate goes down; you keep hitting the reject cancellation button and the other guy blinks and gives you a bad review.

The only other way this may work out is if you contact Customer Service and ask them to cancel it for you so that it will not affect your completion rate. This is NOT necessarily going to happen though - they will either tell you to work it out with your buyer OR the buyer may just cancel the charge on their credit card etc.

Is whatever they do not like fixable?


I’m making illustrations. No, I am not a new seller. The buyer is not satisfied and only wants to cancel. What is bothering me is the buyer will keep pushing the Cancel button even though I’ve already rejected, and so the order will be cancelled if I am not on time to reject the cancellation again.
I can ask CS to cancel, but I know even though they cancel it still affect the rate the same way.

Well, according to the TOS, a buyer cannot cancel due to they “just didn’t like it” as in artistic stuff here. If you followed their guidelines for what they wanted rendered, it sounds to me as though they just want something for free. Have they said what needed to be fixed or what they didn’t like about the illustration?

I had a buyer once a long time ago who kept pushing the cancel button - and I knew I did a good job - they just didn’t like the outcome I provided - so, I played that game back and just kept rejecting it! They finally wrote and said, “I am going to give you a bad review!” and I said, “That is fine, but, my time is valuable and I did answer in detail what you wanted to know about”. They gave up on trying to cancel. I never read their review, and I have no idea if they even left one - I don’t look at my reviews, where I am in the pages or impressions/clicks etc. I knew I was in the right, and deserved to be paid. Even though back then, it was only $5!!! I charge a lot more now, which has cut down in the number of “tire kickers” in the last 5 years.


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Yes, I know! I did the job according to what the buyer asked, I also agreed to change whatever the buyer wanted I was about to redo the work, it took a lot time of the buyer to answer my questions, it all took a lot of time and then the buyer says - you know, I actually don’t want this, I don’t think you will do the work as I like.
I asked a buyer to describe more etc. But the buyer no longer wants to work on this with me and pushed the Cancel buttong a few times as I keep reject. Still I redone the work and resend it to the buyer. I’m sure the buyer will push Cancel again.
I’m afraid the buyer will be the last in this game “Cancel - Reject” and the order will be cancelled automatically.

I would keep hitting the reject button!


If the time ends I will not be able to reject anymore and if the buyer will be the last to push the Cancel, the order will be cancelled automatically?
Idk, it’s the first time I deal with it.

I don’t think so. With my buyer, I just kept pushing reject over and over and over. I think there was someone here in the forums who stated they had pushed the reject button 400 times or something once! LOL


OMG lol Fiverr has to do smth with this

Don’t count on it. They will either tell you to “work it out with your buyer” or as said before, the buyer will cancel the charge or whine to customer service and they will cancel it.

But, in the meantime, keep hitting REJECT!!!


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Arrg I hoped this will never touch me. Ok, thanks. :slight_smile:

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Yeah it’s going to effect you either way.

But on accepting a bad review you would get paid for investing you time in work.

You can hit reject as many as times you want. CS won’t cancel for him as he is claiming poor quality of work.

It happened with me too. But after a month the Buyer raised a chargeback dispute with PayPal and Fiverr has to cancel the order.

Some buyers do like this to get free work. That’s why Fiverr suggest using a Watermark to prevent sellers from SCAMS

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Does PayPal make a chargeback every time a user asks? Thank you.