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A buyer wants to pay me directly through PayPal. Is this okay? [RESOLVED]

I have a buyer who wants me to quote him a total price and then to pay me directly through PayPal. I would rather just go through Fiverr. Is this something that is common (paying directly)? Is it okay? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

Nope. All payments should be handled by Fiverr. Also you do not know how that transaction will go, so you can just give custom offer to your potential buyer. Doing payments outside Fiverr(and you provide it on Fiverr) is breach of their Terms of Service.

As @macedon says, it’s against the ToS, and if you’re caught, your account will be probably deleted.
Also be careful, because there are certain “forbidden” words on Fiverr messaging system, like “email”, “Skype”, and I guess “Paypal” also. Simply writing them in your messages might trigger an automatic warning sent to your account, and you don’t want that.

Thank you both!

Great question and I’m very interested in knowing the answer to this. I’m a newer seller, so wasn’t sure if this was allowed. Although nobody has asked this of me, I now know it’s NOT allowed. The more we all learn together, we can grow together! :slight_smile:

It’s indeed not allowed - also be aware that -any- similar way of payment and contact -outside- Fiverr is against the ToS.

It’s strictly forbidden, yes, and if you accept to do it, your account can be permanently banned from Fiverr.

It’s a good idea to read Fiverr’s Terms of Service (, so you know what is allowed and what isn’t.