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A buyer who seems never to accept work!


We had a talk for almost one day so I could understand the project at start he started bargaining and we agreed on average price.

I set the deliver time to 10 days and delivered in 6 days. He message me the modifications and I did all. On last day he was off and I delivered so not be to late as I had done all modification being his 3rd revision (I offer unlimite revisions). Now when it was 3rd day for order getting complete he has order modification (That too just by writing I need modifications but never mentioned them) I extended dsliver time by 3 days now.

At start before order he was polite but in middle he started being rude but I asked for appoligy even I did nothing wrong and kept my cool.

I know I did 100% what was in task he aked for like that 1990 type work I did it in much modern way and I left no stone unturned. Moreover I bear all his bad attitude without saying a word.

Have you ever face this? What do you think is buyer to not accept just that he can get changes not listed or scam


He might be trying to get you to cancel the order so he does not have to pay for it.

This puts sellers in a difficult situation. You can tell him you did the work as he requested and therefore you expect to be paid and the order is now complete.

I would resend the completed order as many times as he uses the revision button.

He is violating the terms of service by using the revision button over and over without saying what’s wrong and you can tell him this.

The way to handle this is to continue to re-send the order just the same as always until he finally stops. If you are afraid of a bad review you can simply cancel, but hopefully you do not do this.


Honestly, I don’t face a lot of problem buyers, but I think it’s because I don’t bargain. Clients who haggle are trouble. That was a big red flag that this guy was going to be difficult.

I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. I really think you’ll have better luck if you refuse to haggle. When clients attempt to bargain, just let them know you aren’t the best seller for them. The money isn’t worth the headache or lost time. I’d much rather spend my time and energy on awesome clients.


You as a seller need to politely and briefly stand up to these scam buyers.

You can say something like:

I have completed the job exactly as you requested. I have done revisions as you requested. Your continuing use of the revision button is against the terms of service.


Basically I am trying to give it one last try I sent him extend delivery time for 3 days let me see what he does because I want everything on my side so even if he tries to harm I can have alll proof and valid reason to contact CS.

I always try to keep calm and I don’t worry about order cancel I can and will even ensure I delete all my work. Becasue a bad review is always gonna stay there. Like I get inspired by you people (Checking your profile) it gives me some goals like a person with 3K+ reviews and almost no bad reviews :slight_smile:


This is rather a great advice that I will surely apply. He did bargain as it was not than much like you can say 20% of actual price so I though to give it a try as I understood whole project and was 100% sure outcome will be better than what he wants.

Now this is happening hope for the best. Its my first chance like this in 8 months. Buyers do ask revision or say directly that my work is not what they wanted but this kind is something like he neither wants to say point my mistakes nor wants to accept! LOL :persevere:


Thank you so much for the nice comments. I’m glad I’m inspiring to you. You also inspire me.

As I said, it is definitely in the terms of service that what he is doing is against the rules and you should tell him this.


Yes, I will now just waiting what he sends next. You know for 2 times modification was remove this text its so simple taks even a child can do himself. If he needs text change then my order will never end.

So I have take surely use these lines :slight_smile: and I will if its continues


Yes, I will surely.

When I post to forum, even our services are totally different I do wait for your response on tackling things :slight_smile: becasue your response is always +ve and helps a lot in learning.

Thanks for your time.


You shouldn’t. CS might tell you that, since you offer unlimited revisions, you have to keep revising until your buyer is fully satisfied.


Satsfcation is right I agree but within the agreement. I offer unlimited revision for what is agreed upon if he changes mind that I don’t like it now I need it that way then he can say I don’t need on this I need on that! Then it will be never ending streak.

However I will offer unlimited revisions but the buyer is off every 1 day for 2-3 days and then comes for just 1 hour and sends the modiifcations when I do those and deliver he comes after again 2 days that now this is left.

if its how that works for him he can tell me exactly what he needs I will also be happy to delete my work and cacnel order. But he is not saying that too.


DO NOT HAVE UNLIMITED REVISIONS! This is what happens. Some mean buyers never stop.


I agree with @catwriter and @misscrystal
With unlimited revisions you’re pretty much asking for trouble.


If you offer unlimited revisions, the buyer is within his rights to take 2 days to look at it then ask for a revision. As @catwriter suggested, you may be better off putting a limit on revisions, so that you can let a buyer know when they have requested too many changes or are being difficult. If you offer unlimited revisions, then you have to provide them - even if you don’t want to or the buyer is taking days to give you the revision information.


They could go on for years and you couldn’t stop them. It’s really not smart to offer unlimited ones. Set a limit on them.


The buyer is within his right to do that. He does have up to 3 days to request a modification, and if you offer unlimited revisions, he can keep doing it for as long as he wants (and if you complain to CS, they’ll tell you to work it out with the buyer, and that you have to keep working on the order because you offer unlimited revisions).

Offering unlimited revisions might seem like a good idea, but it can easily attract bad buyers (and convince some of the good ones to choose someone else).

  • Stop offering unlimited revisions ( put 1 or maximum 2 )
  • Never negociate your prices if you are confident your work is quality
  • Don’t waste your time with these kind of buyers
  • Cancel the order or take a bad review ( I would choose the 2nd option since you did the work )
  • You are in control


The tips will help you are right basically I never encountered such thing and from 8 months sending offer without mention of revisions but today lesson learned :slight_smile:


You are right but as I had never encountered such thing in 8 months so I never care about mentioning limited revisions but from now one will surely


It is useless to contact CS regardless of the fact that it is purely buyer’s guilt. I don’t think Fiverr CS gives any importance to its sellers. I’m not feeling good to say like this but this is fact, I have this sort of experience many a times. At the end Fiverr CS has only slogan to calm you down “Just negotiate the buyer and make a deal” .