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"A Buyer with a hidden agenda Story"

I’m an Audio Engineer
I clean improve and fix audio recordings, but that’s not always possible, there are some audio files that have really bad quality and isn’t fixable,improvable. That’s why I always want my client to hear what they’re going to get, so they have a chance to back out before even ordering.

I’ve experienced a buyer who’s main goal is to just “stain” perfect gigs.
I have completed 150 orders with perfect 5 star ratings,not even a single one unsatisfied.
I provide a free demo and they can always tell which part from their file they wanna hear.
He wants me to improve an audio recording which is bad, I always try my best to satisfy every potential client ( every message) even though their file has a really bad quality.

Before sending him a demo he told me " “Free demo? Ok, it’s just that I don’t know where you come from but If I were you I’d not risk doing unpaid labour.”

I said “Its okay, I always want my client to be satisfied before even setting an order”

So after sending him a demo, he heard the file and sounded impressed, and really kind and he was really really really really (I MEAN REALLY) eager to order, and he even told me that Its almost “perfect” just decrease the noise a little more"
I offered him a regular 5$ We ended the conversation really neat and smooth. Then afterwards he rate 2 then left a review that he was unsatisfied and he was forced to order from other buyer

Moral of the story

Guys. even if you work and grind hard to reach the top
There will be always someone wants to drag you down because of their insecurity.
God bless to all of us sellers and Keep safe through the pandemic!

But yea that’s how the story ends.

P.S I’ve blocked him already :slight_smile:


Please report the incident to Fiverr support immediately. If the buyer was not happy with your work he than have asked you for revision but giving you 2 star rating after successful completion of the task is suspicious.

Fiverr support should investigate this incident. Some people in facebook group complained that their competitor used a fake account to order gigs but after successful completion of task rated those orders 1 star. I didn’t believe it first. But after reading your incident I think Fiverr should investigate the issue.

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Will do, thank you so much for reading my rant! :slight_smile: Godbless to you!