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A Buyer's Perspective

Hopefully, I am posting in the right category.

As a buyer, I wanted to give my perspective on a few things. I’ve posted a request on a few items starting small. I am now posting larger (medium) budget request now.

At least 2/3 of my sellers are newcomers that I’ve found by posting a request and accepting their bid. I’ve had really good luck with exception of a few.

Now that I am posting larger projects, I’ve noticed something that I think is really not a good idea. When I post max $10 budget and people bid $5 - that’s reasonable. Now that I’m posting larger project, I’m surprised that people are still bidding a measly $5.

There is no way anyone on Fiverr would be able to do the last two request I posted with that little bit of money. He/she would be making about 50 cents an hours. It leads me to believe they truly do not understand the requirements.

Also, I put a max budget on my request, but people bid way over that amount. When I look at their profile, I have no doubt they are really good and worth every penny, but I intentionally put a max budge to let them know that’s all I can afford.

The third thing I noticed is that I indicated on the request, the quote must include the commercial use license. At least 1/3 of the bidder’s bid the max amount (which is fine) but than the commercial use was anywhere between $20 to $40 extra (or more); which means it’s that much over my budget.

For each request, I get anywhere from a dozen to three dozen bidders; but at least 1/2 do not read my requirements, max budget, etc.

Since I’m not a seller, I have no business telling you to not bid on vague project; but as a buyer, when someone outlines what they want, please read it. Don’t randomly bid on projects. Severely underbidding is not enticing to me. Overbidding, just irritates me. If you can do the work for my max, then don’t have hidden fees.

The last seller I hired, bid under by a reasonable amount & did such an excellent job, I ended up giving her that amount as a tip, five star and a glowing write up for a review. She was a newbie. I’m happy with her, she’s happy with me - I have her as a favorite.

I hire new sellers, when they give me examples what they have done - even if they have zero reviews, who cares. Everyone needs a chance.


Nice write up, I am a newbie but I am disappointed because most buyers think a newbie can’t deliver a quality job. I certainly do have all the right qualification and skill required to deliver a top quality job.

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Buyers are afraid to hire newbies like me, I got alot of views on my gigs but no one will hire me, Mostly because I wasn’t hired before. It’s sad

It also pays off to get specific when you are posting a job in the ‘buyers-request’ section.
I see way too many vague jobs as an active seller trying to get some work. The more specific you get as a buyer, the more specific I can make you an offer as a seller!

New sellers like me have lost the professional way these days and when they don’t get jobs for months they become desperate. I am new on Fiverr. So far I have applied for 3 buyers request and was ignored every time. I checked out articles to find out the reasons for my failure. I think waiting and working on improving my gigs is better rather than applying for buyers request to generate sales since they buyers more often accept sellers with reviews. You always need top quality gigs to become a top seller.

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I think it has more to do how you present your profile and gigs. Your tag line is quite a turn off. You should work on that and orders will start coming in.


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Hei, Eduard. Maybe try changing your profile picture and your tag line. Also, try to find ways to enhance your gig description, to make it more attractive and really convince buyers why they should hire you.

Everyone started out as a newbie - some have disappeared and others have gone on to hundreds, if not thousands, of orders. Keep at it and you will see success.

Completely agree with you stephanvogel. When I post a request, I know exactly what I want and what I can pay.

Those that post vague requirements makes me wonder about them - there are too many good sellers (mostly new and hungry ones) that get ripped off by a scam artist buyer out to save a lousy buck or two. My heart goes out to these new guys/gals because all they’re trying to do is to get that first gig, do a good job and get their first 5 star review. Which probably means they made like 25 cents an hour to deliver a great product.

I hired a seller (I think it’s against TOS for me to post his name here) through a request that I posted - he won the bid among 15 other bidders. It was a $5 job dong an eBook cover for me (those of you savvy ones will probably look him or me up on google), and YES he was new.

He did such a great job I gave him a tip of $5. Then I hired him again to do a larger job and because I knew he would do great, advance tipped him 33%. That’s right, I ordered 4 gigs but sent him only 3 - the 4th was his tip.

I have 3 cover artist (& dozen other area experts) saved as Favorite to do jobs for me, but I still like to post request to find new ones. I don’t like to rely on one seller for everything, because you never know when someone goes on vacation, etc.

I’ve accidentally made request to someone no longer working who failed to take their gigs of line, so by posting, I know the bidders are active. I like looking at the profiles and seeing examples of their work. Do they have anything close to what I am asking for? Post some things you have done in the past. Make sure your write up is clear - don’t overbid and definitely, don’t underbid.

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As a note, I write thriller and erotica shorts/novella/novels. I hate it when I read “I will (whatever your talent) in anything.”

I always assume, “Anything” includes thrillers/mysteries.

Does “Anything” include erotica? For some people, yes, but for some, I’m sure they mean everything/anything except that. I understand the word “erotica” may be taboo in Fiverr, so maybe you can put a substitute word like" Everything including “Romance” or such??

Just a suggestion, I do not ask those that do not specify “Romance/Erotica” - I just skip over them for the seller that does state so on their page.

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That is not how it works. The reason Fiverr gave you up to 10 chances to send offers in the BR is so that you can have at least 1 chance to a job out of 10 each day. You are expected to make use of the 10 daily. That is whether you are contacted or not. Fiverr is a hub of professionals who offer their services for less. To succeed, you must work for it. Even as a Level 1 Seller with good reviews, I still send out all 10 offers in BR on daily basis. I wish you good luck.


Wow! Thanks, this is very insightful!

What does this have to do with the thread topic? I do see your tagline has changed. It’s better than the old one but barely. It doesn’t even read like a tagline. Maybe a good copywriter could help.

I am guilty of your points. Thanks for sharing this, its an eye-opener

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Are we talking Chuck Tingle erotica or more “standard” erotica (I ask as someone who did 200 fruity short stories then stopped after too many Amazon pornapocalypses)? That aside, I wouldn’t generally trust anyone who says they can do anything. That’s the clarion call of the desperate newbie who just wants work, any work. There are some erotica writers who do some part-time work here designing covers, though. I think their sexy career overtook their book cover career–it’s been a while since I was on the scene.



But not every buyer is that smart. Many just don’t know what it costs. Some assume it’s Fiverr, so everything’s worth $5. And sometimes, I’m trying to offer them something different what I think would be beneficial for them!

It’s been twice with me when I coded a higher amount and landed a gig. So yeah, I’m gonna try that again.

Of course, that’s the case mostly with the buyers who’re new either on Fiverr or in the market or both. But you know the moment we bid on those requests, there’s no information available about buyers. Just the profile picture (if they have one), their requirement, deadline, and a budget (if they cared to code one).

As a “loyal” seller, it’s my job to let my clients (both regular and potential ones) know of any possibility that could help them make more. So don’t feel irritated if I bid a higher amount, just jump to the next bidder, easy.

Hope that helps!

Ash :slight_smile:

Im a new buyer and new to fiverr, i have just ordered my first job a logo, and the seller has not communicated with me once since the order on monday, the job is now overdue and begining to think i should not of used this service at all,where do i go from here,

Thanks a lot for sharing this.