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A buyer's TIp should not be taxed

Don’t tax tips. When a person chooses to Tip $10, don’t make it $12. Nowhere else in the world does a tip work this way. I personally believe I’ve missed tips because they get to that screen and they stop. You’re already taking 20% of the tip. You already took 20% of the order plus $2 transaction fee from the buyer. Everyone knows that “fee” universally translates as “just because.”

At the end of the transaction with tip, there is four dollars total for the transaction even though it shows up at the end as one transaction. I think it discourages tipping. I already tip $12.50 to ensure that the seller gets a solid ten dollars, but then I still have to pay an additional $2 fee. So, in order to tip a person $10, it costs me a whopping $14.50, 45% more. I honestly hate that. You’ve gotten your money with the order. Don’t ruin tips.

I would rather have sent this suggestion privately, but, as with most big sites, sending a message is like running a maze.


This has been discussed at great length in the past. This is how Fiverr has chosen to handle this part of their site, and you did agree to Fiverr’s terms when you signed up for your account.

It is what it is. If tipping is a problem for you, then don’t leave a tip.


If tips were not taxed, sellers would probably try to cheat and sell cheap gigs with big tips in order to avoid the 20% fee. A $50 logo would become a $5 logo and a $45 tip and the Fiverr fee would be $1 instead of $10.