A cancelation now is like a "fiverrcide"?


About a month ago I had to cancel an order because my wacom tablet stopped working completely (I had to buy a new one), I know I would not be able to deliver because the new tablet would arrive in a week at least. So I told the client and we did a cancelation by mutual agreement. Everyone was happy, I thought.

I was receiving orders in this gigs every week before that. After that, not a single one. Number of clicks and views dropped to one third at least. Of course they dropped me from the first page of the keyword search and I don’t even know which page I am now. You can’t just cancel an order now, this is a deadly sin on fiverr. I did not know that, so I commited “fiverrcide”.

This is not a very smart policy, in the long run you can foresee all kinds of stuff that are going to happen…

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You had 5 feedbacks in the 10 months before your tablet had to be replaced. I understand that not all buyers will leave feedback, but perhaps your feedback percentage was lower than the usual?

Cancellations happen to all of us - nothing we can do sometimes.

Why not use buyer requests to get some more gig exposure and give yourself a kickstart again?

Good luck! :sunny:


Hi! thank you for your reply!

It took me a really long time to start to have orders on fiverr, actually. Just on the last 3 months I started to get orders every week, and yes, some clients did not leave me feedback.

I don’t know if this is also a factor, because in the keyword search there are gigs with no feedback at all showing before mine. I think what made this difference was probably the cancelation… I’ll keep trying some more to kickstart again, thank you!