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A cancellation messed up my analytics, how can I recover?

After having a bitter experience with a customer that became progressively more abusive, I cancelled the order out of absolute desperation; I was aware that it was going to have some impact, and indeed, during the whole week both impressions and clicks on my gigs went down brutally.

What do you recomend to climb the mountain once again and recover visibility?


Hi there…,
I think you still choose correct option by cancelling.

Project completion rate is easier to manage.
After 60 days…, and you complete all the project, you should have back to 100% again.
so…, nothing can be done beside do your best always on next project :slight_smile:

and based on my experience…, completion rate didn’t have much effect.
On my three years working with fiverr…, i have three cancellation.
Order still keep coming.
5 Star Rate is the most crucial ones.

Wish you luck,

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Thanks! It really was an experience that wasn’t worth the money; and as someone more experienced on the platform, what would you recomend to improve the visibility of my gigs once again?

I recommend this post:

It definetly can help you :slight_smile: