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A Cautionery Tale

I have just had the most traumatic three days I have ever had in recent years. Why? A buyer who seemed intent on driving me nuts!

It started three days back when he ordered one of my video gigs. It seemed a straightforward order at first and it was a good sized one too.

Then, pretty much right after the order, the messages started. I must have received perhaps 25 messages that first day, 50 the next and then a further 50 the next day. I answered the questions and ignored the strange things he was saying. Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t being particularly nasty or offensive but it was obvious from the messages that he wasn’t exactly your “regular” customer.

He then started to place more orders saying that they were a “bonus” if I did the job quickly or did it well. To be honest I felt uncomfortable that the guy was throwing his money at me. From my perspective, it seemed as if he was unwell in some respects.

With 37 orders in my queue, across all my gigs, I did my best to calm him and ask him to be patient but it continued, messages galore. Now, I’m the kind of guy who likes to respond quickly so every message that comes to me via Fiverr is read as a matter of urgency. I have to say, it’s driven me nuts and made me so stressed out you wouldn’t believe!

In total, I had $160 or orders from the guy.

The point of my post here though is to warn you all: if you are uncomfortable or uneasy about a buyer, get in there and cancel. Make the decision not to work for them. In the long run it will serve you well and improve your Fiverr experience.

I have now just accepted three cancelled orders with the buyer and suffered a 20% cancellation rate on a gig that I was just starting to build. If I had acted first, three days ago and cancelled when I got that “uneasy” feeling, things wouldn’t be so bad.

Life goes on and I have total confidence in the quality of my work, so ok, no real harm done…but wait. There are consequences……

Other buyers have suffered because their work has been delayed whilst I deal with the mass of messages from this chap. Also the stress I’ve been in has been detrimental to my output in terms of quality.

So the message here is that we should all remember that we work here because we choose to. The rates we work for represent extremely good value. If people come along who abuse that, we need to remember those who don’t abuse it and deserve our time and attention and we need to remember ourselves too!

I’m not unhappy on Fiverr, far from it, this model is superb, it allows me to work from home, make hundreds if not thousands of people happy AND earn a wage at the same time. I must remember though, in future, that I am the one in control and that whilst the customer is ALWAYS RIGHT, I am the one who decides who is or isn’t a customer.

For every one “nightmare” buyer there are hundreds of decent people who are a joy to work with. I’ve experienced “nightmares” just twice in over a year here. Once bitten, twice shy they say, I was a fool once again but, never a third time. From this point on, the moment I get that uneasy feeling, orders will be cancelled and my energies will be diverted back to the “good buyers” once again.

I’m not sure if this will help any of you, I hope so.

I hope too that you don’t have to suffer what I have just suffered. It isn’t pleasant and does throw you off course for a bit!



Agree 100%. You can say no, and sometimes you have to.

No-one can take you down, A positive thought of not being greedy but to have that confidence of saying NO. As we say it’s an art to say no.

I have one buyer now who I would like to cancel, because I think he’s going to be a pain and expect too much for his $5, but I’m going to try to just be patient and get through this one job, because it’s the first one for this gig that I’m hoping to build. Even if I have ot put up with him this one time, if he give me a good review and recommendation, I will be able to use that to build the gig.

This guy you’re talking about does sound like he has some OCD and control issues, though. Best to stay clear of the crazies

Something that should have sounded alarm bells but didn’t was when he told me he would give me an additional $150 once his “Fiverr money had cleared” - I checked out his account - he isn’t a seller. I can only assume that he was waiting for a refund to clear into his account after cancelling on another seller.

We live and learn.

I do kick myself when I get caught like this. I give an inch, they take a mile.

Onwards and upwards though!

Yes, feedback does it for me too. The overwhelming majority of buyers are fair and appreciate good work.

I feel for you man. Great advices from @madmoo there as well.

I think simply saying “no” and moving on as soon as possible is the best thing we can do in these situations. If we people do change, we don’t do it overnight.

And while most customers will be fair and honest, they will also understand if you simply worry about a bad sign. Conversation must be fluid from the beginning. Intentions must be clear.

All the best dude! Cheers!

You are so RIGHT! I go with my gut feelings in every other aspect of my life…and I do it here also! As soon as I get that “bad” feeling whether it be from the first message or an order that was just placed before messaging me…I cancel or say no! It’s just not worth it!

I have had my share of strange Buyers as well, and endless messages in threads, It can get pretty confusing keeping track of everything. It sounds like that Buyer just ran you in circles though for the heck of it. It’s okay to say no, sometimes you just have to

Si I am dealing with that write now! I had somebody order my multi-language spokesperson gig and he sent me 3 different scripts, all written in bad English. I corrected the script and sent it back and asked for approval! After getting the OK, shooting for hours (over 750 words) and green screen video editing, I sent the order, working all night and he sent me a message: All good and everything, but I wanted this in German! No word of please translate the script, shoot in German or anything. He keeps saying that he told me that the video was for the German market…I had a bad feeling about him from the beginning as well. He speaks such bad English, its hart to communicate. I will do this gig for him again, but from now on, as soon as that feeling comes up, it’s cancellation time baby!

If we cancel, and the customer won’t agree, doesn’t that allow them to leave negative feedback? That’s the only reason I’ve not cancelled a couple that were sour-ish.

I think everyone on this chain has provided some great insight. I try to give every customer the benefit of a doubt, the best possible service. I know that some can be challenging, and sometimes we want to cancel because of the tough requests or the demands. I know that sometimes if we can’t meet the customers’ demands, we need to, BUT we should always maintain communication. I also recommend if there is something that you or me cannot do, perhaps another Fiverr has the ability to do. Help find a solution for the customer, even if you personally cannot do it, is the frame of mind I try to go.

Again, great advice from everyone here! :slight_smile: :smiley: