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A certain kind of power point? Who?


Can someone tell me how I can get a movie style power point - what gig am I looking for? Most gigs want YOU to give them your images.

I have a video Im just replicating ( simple thank you video using power point slides)

I want the images to be made ( like 3-4) Which are just writing- not really images.

I am hiring a separate voice over guy. - Would I then have the voice over guy make the power point into a video?

thank you.


I could do the voice over and power point animated video for you :slight_smile:

Message me with more details



I have a sample -my PP is only 20% different than the one I need ad I think its only about 5 slides. I have 2 of the images you need and I only need 3 more that are just words with maybe a dark blue design-- very light - nothing to fancy.

Oh- the voice over Is for someone else. So no need for that. Let me know - quote me. :slight_smile:


To make video in powerpoint, you need presentation with animation that will go to all slides…(that what will play whole slides without clicking on them)

And after you are done with presentation like that. Just save as video file. Or use software for converting.


Send me a message. I’m sure I can help.