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A Cheap Video Spokesperson Can Destroy Your Business, Here's Why

Well, I said it so many times before, experience does make a difference and it is the same when you hire a video spokesperson to represent your business.

There are a lot of so called “professionals” on fiverr claiming to be a spokesperson. But, are they really? Do they have professional training in broadcast and on camera appearance? Do they know how to talk and gesture on camera properly? Can they prove their history and not just on fiverr?

There is a difference with someone just “talking” on camera and presenting. Just recently, I had an inquiry to produce a video for a fiverr buyer who provided his website so I can take a look. OMG, the presenter on that website (from fiverr) was awful. Stale, no enthusiasm, flat, no emphasis on important points.

No, I hate to criticize anyone but that video was ridiculous and they buyer told me they paid good money to have it done.

It’s been very common for buyers to come to us after a bad experience with another provider after they realize that they are loosing business instead of making more. That could happen with a bad video.

It’s better to get in touch with someone who know the business and is seasoned talent. Sure, it will cost you a little extra but in the long run you’ll save a lot of money rather than buying two or three times from inexperienced providers.

Experience does make a difference. Let’s chat!