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A client cancelled an order after order completed and work delivered


hello friend,
I am in trouble.
I am a freelancer, I had one client who ordered my one gigs.
we first discuss price and he agreed with that price and order my gigs. but after I delivered my work to him that he complete my order and put a bad review on my profile and told me that your price is so costly, acutely it is not because I have already many clients who work with me and happy with that price.

Then I request him please change my review I will refund your money. then hi was a start to blackmailing me and take lots of work as free from me. after that, he changed my review.

finally, a whole was finished, he changed my review and also complete order.

but he cancelled my order last night and Fiverr refund money to him.

I think this is a big mistake of the Fiverr how can any buyer cancelled an order after the whole order is completed and work was delivered.


We all are. We’re all freelancers.

He was allowed to post a negative review, if he felt that it was appropriate. He did nothing wrong by doing so. It should also be noted, that you cannot bribe buyers to remove bad reviews, by offering refunds. That’s against the rules. Bad reviews are permanent, and do not get removed (unless the buyer agrees to change it to a positive review).

If the buyer chooses not to change his review, then that negative review will remain.

Well, technically, you were blackmailing him too by telling him that you would refund his order if he changed his negative review to a positive review. That was wrong of you too.

In addition, you could have just said no (unless, of course, you offer unlimited refunds, in which case, the buyer was well within his rights to keep asking for more revisions and free work).

It sounds like he went to PayPal and processed a PayPal chargeback on his purchase. Fiverr can’t do anything about that, and so they were forced to refund the buyer’s order. This is the buyer’s fault, not Fiverr’s. Fiverr did not willingly refund the buyer’s purchase price. They were forced to do so by PayPal.

On the plus side, though, Fiverr does not like buyers who do PayPal chargebacks, and they usually ban then from the site. So, it is likely that Fiverr has applied consequences to your buyer’s bad behavior. Yes, you lose time and money in all this, but so does Fiverr.

And the buyer becomes public enemy #1 for Fiverr. :wink:

Fiverr will – and does – penalized buyers and sellers who break the site rules.


I ask him to refund because of he like my work but he told me that services are costly.
I have rights to make my client happy so he can change his bad review. and I did that he thought my work is costly so I give him more work as free. so he changes my review its all ok for me.

but I m unhappy with how can buyer cancelled an order after all work is done and delivered.


and what about my money …?
and yes its also effect on my order compilation rate its come 90%.
help me.


yes but we agreed on price first. and he is good with that price.
but he write in the review that price is too high thats why I told him that I will refund your money or do some extra work. and you will change my review. and he did that.
I m very ok with that all.

but I m not ok with that any buyer can cancelled an order after whole work is finish and order is completed


The money is gone. It it is no longer yours. The buyer demanded that PayPal reverse the payment he made, and the money was returned to his PayPal account.

Unfortunately, you will not be paid for the work that you did for that buyer.

That money is no longer in Fiverr to be paid to you. It’s gone.

Yes, it does. And, unfortunately, that’s just the way it is. I’m sorry to hear that this happened to you, but it happened. It cannot be reversed. The money is gone, and your order completion rate has been affected.

There is nothing else that you can do.


Is that right behaviour with the seller …?
what was my fault in this case …?

a buyer was paly with Fiverr and as well with me.
and you are giving me punishment.


I’m sorry that this has happened to you. But there is, alas, nothing you can do. The money is gone, and your order completion rate will reflect that refund for the next 60 days. Please do not blame Fiverr here. Fiverr is not at fault for this refund.

Move on to your next orders. There is no sense in dwelling upon things you cannot change.


sorry I m not much knowledge about the Fiverr forum that’s why I think that you are Fiverr guy,
sorry sir.


He gave you the answer to your question. He did not answer you to argue with you. Jonbaas is a respected member of the forum. He helps a lot of people. You should thank him. He is a seller like all of us, not fiverr staff.

Everything he said was correct. I’m sorry this happened to you, but the money is gone. There is nothing fiverr can do.


Yea, he is a Fiverr guy, a seller like us. But he is not a fiverr staff

Just move on. You can not change that. Or can you travel back in time. You were at fault. You should have accepted the negative review instead of asking for a positive.

Next time just learn to take things the way it comes.


Yes, I said sorry to him.
I m new in forum thats why I didn’t know about jonboss sir.
and I also said him Thankx.


yes kishan_coder you are right , before few days a client place an order , and she send me a sample of logo and say i like these type of logo and i create a similar logo for her after that she say i don’t like these and again i create some more logo i create 10 logos for her and she only pay $5 and in last she say that good everything is fine but few minutes later she say i don’t like these i give you bad review , i request her don’t give me bad review i refund your money but she still give me bad review ,she don’t read my gig description and FAQ , i already explain everything in my gig description and FAQ. i told her just check my previous clients review i am not a beginner , i think for buyer everything is possible , if buyer want to cancel the order , or give us bad review , buyer don’t read our gigs but in last we receive a bad review or cancellation. , i think this is not fair for seller .