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A client chose a wrong gig offering and is not responding


A client placed an order on one of my gigs and did not submit the requirements for four hours.

Later on, he returned by providing the requirements, that I offer at far higher rates than he has paid for.
What he selected is $20 for the word count of around 1000, while in the requirements he asked for nine pages at least in APA format, which would be needing at least 2700-3000 words.

So, what should I do in this regard, as the client is not responding?
If I apply for cancellation, will it affect my progress?



I’m sorry you had this experience.

You can file a dispute in the resolution center (found in the upper right corner of the order). Cancellations will affect your Gig and may negatively impact sales. So far I’ve had to cancel a few orders during my time on Fiverr, and it hasn’t created any catastrophic fall in sales.

However, it’s always best to solve this type of issue via communication, but since your buyer isn’t responding you should, in my opinion, fila a dispute for the order. You can offer the buyer to pay the right price, or to go for a mutual cancellation.

If the buyer does not respond within a few days to the dispute, the order will be automatically cancelled.

I know some buyers will make small orders and then request additional work to be done, expecting the seller to provide it in fear of a negative review or late delivery. They will ignore the buyer after placing the order, and see what happens. Some buyers will get scared and do the work - in short, they will work for next to nothing.

The buyer has nothing to loose anyway, because they will get their work done, or money back. It’s a nasty practice done by dishonest people.

The Resolution Center will solve this for you :slight_smile:

Best of luck!


Dear Sir,
Thanks a lot for the help and your time.

I already filed for the resolution center asking the buyer to modify the order, but still he isn’t responding.

What worries me is that the deadline was kept as 2 days ,and within an hour of placing the order, I opted for resolution center.
But unfortunately, the timer is showing 24 hrs for delivery, whereas the buyer has 25 hours to either accept or reject.

Regarding the cancellation you mentioned, I never had a cancellation since I joined fiverr, but three days back an incident of similar nature happened and I had to cancel it mutually. Now once again this is happening which is really annoying.


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Indeed, it’s very annoying to have to cancel an order. I hate it. But sometimes it’s the only way.

Good luck :slight_smile:


I don’t know what your services are but I would suggest to send just how much he has paid.
How many words you do for $20 ? Send to him and I am 100% sure that he will Request modifications asap. I know these buyers. They only speak when we delivery something to them.
Better send something of if you are late you will get 20% less orders.

you may contact with fiverr
Because only fiverr can help you

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I will do exactly @fidan06 said. Send a message to the client saying that cost that time you’ll provide this. But do it on time and up to the qaulity.

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You can ask customer support to cancel it and tell them it is because the buyer ordered wrong and is not responding. It will not hurt your rankings to cancel for this reason.

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Thanks for the help!
Had to cancel it through Customer Support. :frowning:
Was the only way out.

Yes I asked CS for it and they have already cancelled it.

My cancellation rate bas been increased, yet I am optimistic as you said it won’t affect my progress.


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Hi everyone,
Thank you for your help.

After the order was canceled by the customer support, the client came back today,
saying that he is sorry for the cancellation as he couldn’t access his system.

Although, I every time I send a text to him, his status became online.

I don’t doubt his honesty, but at the same time, it affected my gig as it has gone down the list when before cancellation it was in a far better position.

Due to a mistake of somebody else my progress is affected which really hurts, and the sad part is that fiverr is not taking it seriously as they claim it would not ruin your progress, although it do affect!

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Great to hear from you

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