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A client from hell vol.674838 - what can I do?

Long story short: I have this client, who insists I should refund him after his work was delivered. Luckily, Customer Service sided with me, saying that his claims are false and he should not expect a refund. Even though I’ve communicated this to him, he still hits the modification button after each re-delivery, asking for a full refund (and verbally abusing me, but that’s the least of my problems).

The problem is that each modification resets the delivery clock, so, even though the initial order was delivered 12 hours in advance (on a 24-hour delivery gig!), it now stands at 1 hour left till the deadline. The next time he hits the modification button, I’m afraid the order will be marked as Late and if he cancels it, he’ll automatically receive his funds and leave me a bad feedback.

Customer Service is still supporting me, but they say they can’t force the client to accept delivery. Do you, guys, have an idea about what I could do in this situation? Should I be worried about my performance being affected by a potential Late delivery, and do you know if Customer Service can remove an automated “failed to deliver” feedback?

I’ve had similar situations over the years. Keep fighting it and eventually the order will be marked “complete.” Do expect a negative review. I’m assuming that Fiverr will remove it if they’re siding with you now but it’s really not worth the fight/effort if it’s a small amoung of money.

I would report him if he is cursing you out. That is against their TOS. I would simplify the situation and attempt complaining instead about the work, but fact if what I understand of the other fact. He is insulting you and degrading you with cursing (insert other stuff). That should stop the entire process. As its not appropriate over a a business transaction like this to put up with someone cursing or insulting you.

I would go ahead and cancel it. It’s such a stressful situation that it’s not worth it.

Just FYI, when an order is rejected for modification, it can no longer be cancelled for late delivery. If you sit on the order for about 3 days (after it has been requested for modification) you can then redeliver it. It should automatically mark as complete within an hour.

Really? I didn’t know that, thank you!

Me either. So that means if they request a modification that’s not included and you just wait, it will just complete the order?

That’s a very valuable tip, thanks!

This is hugely valuable. Thanks Ryan.

How many modifications do you do per client? I don’t do more than one, two if they give me a really good reason. Other times I just refund them right away. Don’t suffer bad clients, I know it sucks to lose money, but some clients will never like your work no matter how many times you modify it. Remember, they are not your boss, you’re not their employee, they do not pay you a salary.

I don’t like stress so as soon as I experience it I get rid of the situation.

Agree 100%, in the short amount of time I’ve been on here I’ve come to realize that if a client sounds dodgy from the start, chances are they are, which is why I request they send me a msg first so I can try and weed the bad ones out from the good, you can usually tell from either the 1st reply or a few in, esp when they try and barter or ask for more than one mod, you usually just have to pull the plug when your spidey senses start tingling! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll also add that one great client is worth more than 5 bad ones, usually the good ones will come back and spread the word, I had one return customer that bought 5 gigs in one day, that right there proves my theory! :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s what I do usually. If the client looks like they’re going to be problematic and not worth the time, I just refund them. However, this order was a larger one and the client didn’t actually have ANY modifications, he just kept on hitting the button and saying “refund, refund”.

Well, you could just tell them no from the first request. Of course, that might end up going down in flames. Question: I know I was curt, but was I really that rude? I do have a cut-paste super-polite “I’m too busy” response, but that’s had people shriek like this woman at me, too. Can’t win. Enjoy the drama.


While I personally wouldn’t come right out and tell a potential client that I don’t work with people that start off their contact with, “I’ve used a bunch of other people and they all sucked!!!1!!1!!!1,” I’m glad that you’re willing to. It’s a huge red flag. Like, what do you expect me to do with that information, buyer? Feel sorry for you? Work “extra hard” to make sure I’m not just another “bad web copywriter” on your list?

Even though they are people, who might have genuinelly had bad experiences in the past, I generally consider these messages to be a huge red flag. I mean, it’s unnecessary, why should I, as a writer, care that other writers didn’t do you paid them for? Is it supposed to motivate me to work harder??

When I receive a message like that, I usually paste my standard “I’m sorry, but your project is out of my field of expertise” response and don’t bother further.

Outside of my field of expertise is a good one, I’ll have to remember that in future, nicely neutral.

It’s pretty simple, buyers. Don’t mention your bad experiences, and if you need a modification, temper your criticism with what you like. Flying off the handle never did anyone good, and if my experience was anything to go by, bullet dodged.

Which is crazy, but then again, I had a client ask for a refund, so I send the refund and then he rejected it. Another one kept rejecting it because I had insulted him and he wanted to give me 1-star. Fiverr solved my problem. Lesson learned: don’t insult them, just refund them and forget them.

Here is how one message to me started out yesterday:
" i have been to many spellcasters over the years and have lost thousands and they have ruined me "
She sent 8 long messages in a row hoping I would try to sell to her.