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A client from hell vol.674838 - what can I do?

I had one that messaged me regarding my “short article” gig and started by saying that they had ordered nearly a hundred gigs from people claiming to be writers and that every one of them had submitted unoriginal spun content.

Then they wrote that if I did that to them, they would guarantee to “ruin me on Fiverr.” Then they ask if I would send them a custom quote to write a 300 page e-book, deadline in 3 days. When I declined they sent me 3 more messages asking if I would consider it if they offered a $5-15 extra.

HA so funny

This morning after spending days answering one person’s questions, I finally said I was not able to spend more time answering questions and they could place an order if they wanted more. She then told me I was rude and she decided not to order.