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A client generate an order

A client generates an order. I did not accept the offer still it show the message that this amount of time is left for submission of assignment. I request him to cancel the order as the task was lengthy and he offered a very little amount. My question is will there be any deduction from my account after asking him to cancel the order?


If you cancel the order then,it will affect on your order completion rate…

Only your completion rate will be affected

I did not generate the order, nor I accept the offer. I request him to cancel the order, as he offered only 5 days and 100 dollars, while the task was of minimum 15 days and up to 300$. That’s why I request him to cancel the order. BTW how the order was generated when I did not accept the offer?

Buyers can buy any gig they like - they don’t have to have permission from the seller.


Mutual cancellation also affect on your completion rate…

By choosing the right package. So if you set your pricing accordingly then such issues may not arise.

Maybe you can proceed the order? 105 dollars is good money :slight_smile:

Contact customer care to resolve issue

If buyers want to buy your service then they can buy whenever they want .They do not need any permission from you because you have listed your service to sell on fiverr. And You should spend time in fiverr forum . Hope you will learn something about how fiverr works and other problems and solutions …

Best Of LucK :grinning: